All Freedompro accessories available on Home Assistant

All Freedompro accessories available on Home Assistant

Freedompro has recently released its full integration on Home Assistant: from now on you will have access to all devices on the Freedompro Cloud (already connected to an Easykon for MyHome or Easykon for KNX device).

Thanks to Home Assistant, you will be able to access all your Freedompro devices from a single interface; you will also be able to coordinate them with devices and services of other brands, creating automations and scenarios as you wish.

Here is a list of Freedompro accessories that can be mapped on Home Assistant:

  • Temperature, humidity and light sensors

  • Binary sensors: smoke, presence, movement and contact sensors

  • Climate: thermostat

  • Covers: roller shutters, blinds, gates, garage door, doors and windows

  • Fans

  • Lights

  • Locks

  • Switches and outlets

Please note that to access this service you only need the API key that you can find on the Freedompro Cloud profile page.

In the last article dedicated to Home Assistant we briefly told you about this software and its potential.

The Freedompro team is always available to answer any questions you may have: write to us in chat or send an email to to solve all your doubts!

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