Freedompro app: new accessories added and power consumption tracking update

Freedompro app: new accessories added and power consumption tracking update

Here we are with the usual update on developments in the Freedompro app. We are working to improve your smart home control experience every week. There are very few certainties in life, one of which is the classic bug fixes based on your very important feedback. In addition, our graphics team has made some minor changes to improve the aesthetics and usability of the app.

But let's move on to the new features we are presenting today…

What's new for Easykon users

Great news especially for those who use Easykon! From today you can control two new types of accessories from the app:

  • fans
  • temperature sensors

In addition, our programmers have included the command to activate scenes that you have already set on Easykon!

Power consumption monitoring: there’s something new

With the just-released update, by tapping on one of the columns in the graph in the " Usage " section, you will be able to immediately go into the details of that specific time period. This will allow you, in case of an abnormal spike in energy use, to instantly check the nature of the problem.

Also, our developers have standardized the measurement unit of electrical consumption of household appliances, so from now on you will see all usage data in kW/h (excluding instantaneous consumption, which will remain expressed in W)... but trust us, there will be big news in the future!

And that's not all: over the course of the next few weeks, lots of out-of-the-blue news awaits you. Stay tuned and to follow us so you don't miss a single piece of news!

In the meantime, download the app :)

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