Easykon for KNX 2.0, more accessories, faster configuration

The new version includes import of the .knxproj project file, 4 new accessories, renewed design, quick and simple interface access, multifunctional accessories.

Integration with ETS

Now you can import the .knxproj project file in the configuration interface. Use the drag and drop function to move the group addresses into the accessories parameters. The design helps you and makes the configuration faster.

4 new accessories

We added 4 KNX accessories categories to create more complete systems. Now you can add: occupancy sensor, light sensor, CO2 sensor and humidity sensor.

Faster, safer interface

Renewed interface with new colours, icons and design for an improved user experience and a new search function for a faster accessories management. We increased safety and simplified the access to the panel. Now you have to press the button on the front side of the device to enter in the configuration.

Multifunction accessories

Now, you can add two features besides the main one in every accessory. It will be easier to manage devices that have integrated features. For example, a temperature sensor that integrates a CO2 and humidity sensor can be added as a single temperature sensor accessory with CO2 and humidity features.

Version 2.0 is already available, connect Easykon for KNX to receive the automatic and free update.