The perfect MyHome home automation system

Freedompro and Comoli Ferrari, bring together their expertise to offer you a complete solution for building or expanding BTicino MyHome SCS home automation systems perfect for each customer.

What's on the programme


A training session by experts from Freedompro andComoli Ferrariwho will present the best solution for creating connected, reliable and safe systems with BTicino's MyHome home automation.


A commercial offer that allows you to buy all the devices to create the system at an attractive price.


When you buy online aEasykon for MyHomeyou will receive a voucher worth up to a 250 euro discount on MyHome SCS by Bticino products, beside other devices for completion and aesthetics, to use in Comoli Ferrari stores. To know the offer complete details and conditions,learn more


Through the webinar you will discover all the secrets of creating a reliable MyHome home automation system combined with the power of the best smart home automation control and management platforms.

We will talk about how to use Apple, Google and Alexa, their potential and the functions that these platforms add to BTicino's MyHome SCS systems thanks to Easykon.

The following topics will be addressed during the meeting:

Home automation on the bus (wired) + The best smart control platforms

The role of Easykon for MyHome with MyHome SCS home automation by BTicino

Physical installation and configuration of Easykon for MyHome

Apple, Google and Amazon Alexa: role, functions and potential

Examples of integrations, routines, scenarios, automations and real use cases

Training duration: 1 hour (45 minutes of training and 15 minutes dedicated to questions).

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