Aviso legal

Specific acceptance of clauses within the meaning and for the effects of articles 1341 and 1342 of the Italian civil code 

With reference to the document “General Terms and Conditions of Sale OF FREEDOMPRO PRODUCTS AND SERVICES”; You declare that you have carefully read and understood the provisions contained therein, and that you fully accept them.
Pursuant to and for the purposes of Articles 1341 and 1342 of the Italian Civil Code, you declare that, in particular, you have carefully read and accepted the following articles:

1. “Compatibility”; and, specifically, the obligation placed on the purchaser to verify the compatibility of the products with their own personal needs and to have carefully read the related installation and use manuals. –4. “Availability and prices”; and, specifically, that Freedompro S.r.l., at its sole discretion, has the right: to accept or not to accept an order, to impose quantitative limits on products, to withdraw one or more products from sale and to vary, at any time, their own selling prices. –6. “Resale, prohibition of export and transfer of ownership rights”; and, in particular, that the ownership of the products and the related risk will be transferred to the purchaser upon delivery to the carrier. –9. “Returns and refunds”; and, in particular, the policies, conditions and procedures described in the clause and requested by Freedompro S.r.l.. –13. “Warranties, exclusions and limitations of liability”; and, in particular, the cases of exclusion and/or limitation of the liability of Freedompro S.r.l. described in the clause. –17. “Force Majeure”; and, specifically, the exclusion of any responsibility for Freedompro S.r.l. for defaults arising from an act and/or event that is beyond the control of Freedompro S.r.l.. 21. “Applicable law and Jurisdiction”; and, specifically, the application of Italian law and the election of the Court of Milan as having exclusive jurisdiction in the event of disputes.

Last updated October 15th, 2019