Easykon for KNX adds App and voice control to your KNX plants

Now you can choose to use Apple, Google or Amazon Alexa to control their Konnex homes

Evolve the way your customers control their smart home. With Easykon for KNX your systems made with standard Konnex devices can also be controlled through Apps and voice assistants from Apple, Google or Amazon Alexa, without giving up other control devices already installed or present in the project.

By installing Easykon for KNX your customers will be able to choose freely whether to use physical or App or voice commands in every situation, making home management more complete and customised than ever before.

For example, you can turn the lights on or off without touching the switches or set the temperature only with a tap on your smartphone or with a word. You can also use the buttons to lower the living room window coverings and the voice to close all of them before you leave.

The owners of systems based on the Konnex standard will have more options and opportunities an increasingly comfortable and easy-to-manage home.