What can I do adding Easykon to my KNX system?

KNX is the world’s only open standard for the centralised and automated management of technological systems. It is a stable and secure system, compatible with a wide range of devices.

Easykon and KNX
Easykon for KNX is designed to allow a KNX system to be controlled and managed by Apple, Google, and Amazon technology and their respective Apps and Voice Assistants. All you have to do is add and configure the Easykon KNX module. No additional components, subscriptions, or third-party services are required.
Add new and exciting functions to KNX.

Sensors, thermostats, actuators, or any other KNX devices, can be controlled easily and securely using the features provided by the Apps and Voice Assistants from Apple, Google and Amazon.
Your system will be more powerful than ever, controlling your devices when you are not at home, managing the temperature of the thermostats even when you are out, and sending you notifications if there is a leak from your washing machine.

Creating scenes and automations is simple and quick, KNX and IoT devices, working together, will make your life more comfortable, and make it possible for you to customise a smart control of your home exactly as you want.

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