Make your BTicino MyHome home automation smart with Apple HomeKit

Connect your BTicino MyHome system with Apple HomeKit

Apple HomeKit is the protocol that centralizes all Apple-branded home automation and enables efficient communication between smart objects and all iOS (iPhone and iPad), MacOS (Mac computers) and TvOS (Apple TV) based devices. Connect your BTicino MyHome SCS system to Apple Homekit and in a few moments take the lead of your system through the "Home" app on your Apple device or use voice control through Siri.

Apple Homekit supports all your MyHome and IoT devices

Your MyHome system in just a few taps

You probably don't even know you have a MyHome system, so you'll be unaware of all the features and conveniences you can enjoy! You have an infinite number of facilities that will be useful to you in your day-to-day life!

Manage your MyHome home automation system with voice control just talking to Siri. For example, through the use of a modern and super-intuitive graphic interface, you can set up a "Goodnight" scenario that immediately closes the shutters when you say "Hey Siri, goodnight"!

"Hey Siri, goodnight"

Manage your MyHome home automation system with voice control just talking to Siri. For example, through the use of a modern and super-intuitive graphical user interface, you can set up a "Goodnight" scenario that closes the shutters immediately when you say "Hey Siri, goodnight"!

No more doubts!

Think about how many times you have doubted whether you closed your garage door properly. By easily setting up an automation on the app, your garage door becomes intelligent and will close itself when the geolocation on your smartphone detects you within 300 meters of your home!

We know what you're thinking

Is it safe?

Of course it is! Apple is very confident in its security programme. All Apple HomeKit-compatible accessories are screened and rigorously tested before they are released on the market.

An extensive list


The list of all accessories compatible with Apple HomeKit is extensive and constantly updated. Among them, in the bridge section on Apple's website, there are two Freedompro products that have obtained Apple certification. One of these is the Easykon for MyHome.

Easykon for MyHome is a device for BUS that evolves your BTicino MyHome system and allows you to manage it via the Apple HomeKit app or the Siri voice assistant.

- Light
- Outlet
- Switch

- Thermostat
- Window covering

And there's more! You can also manage and control several Apple HomeKit compatible IoT devices, combining them with your MyHome system, to let you be in full control of your home:

- Air Conditioners
- Air Purifiers
- Cameras
- Doorbells

- Faucets
- Garage Doors
- Locks

- Routers
- Security
- Speakers

- TVs
- Sprinklers
- Receivers

Want to know more?

More technical details

Upgrade your BTicino MyHome system with Easykon for MyHome and make your system really smart even without programming knowledge. Thanks to the automatic configuration of Easykon for MyHome, in a few minutes you will be able to use the new dynamic control panel and control your smart home with app and voice!

You didn't even know you had a MyHome system and now you just want to make the most of it? Do you want your friends jaw dropping with incredible automations? Here's the final piece to get an exceptional system, make it Easy(kon)!


Of course you can! Just leave your AppleTV, iPad or Homepod at home as a domestic hub, and Apple HomeKit will work even if you're away. So you can control your MyHome system remotely!

With Apple you can control several devices in your MyHome system.

Here the complete table

Apple Homekit allows you to connect up to 149 accessories