Smart homes. Smart professionals. Smart Configuration

We have created a simple interface, designed to speed up your work. All functions and settings are designed to minimise the time required to complete the configuration without compromise.

Integrated is better

KNX on board

Connect the Konnex bus directly to Easykon. No additional modules are needed to communicate with the bus.

One for all

All in one

Easykon for KNX is certified by Apple HomeKit, Google and Amazon Alexa and it is compatible with IFTTT. All the quality and power of the best smart home systems in one product: so many new opportunities for your business.

You are ready

We will take care of the software

You integrate the components; we create hardware and software. Access the configuration interface from your browser. All the software you need is already in Easykon.

Even faster configuration

Simply drag and drop

Import the KNX system project, display the group addresses in the interface and drag them directly into the parameters of each accessory. You will finish the job in a flash.

All the accessories you need

A complete system

Lights, window coverings, switches, sensors, every home has its accessories. Easykon has the tools to create a complete, non-complex system.

Not just parameters

Add functions to your accessories

Do you use devices that have more than one function? Ceiling fan with light, combined humidity and CO2 sensor? Don’t worry, Easykon allows you to create accessories that have up to 2 additional functions associated with the main one.

Security first

Only who you want can connect

No compromise on security. We have implemented simple unpairing. You can remove each associated account by pressing and holding down the button on the front side of Easykon. Unpairing allows you to ensure that nobody else can control the system before you.

Always have a plan B

Saving is better

For more details read the articles in our help center.

Interface access

Security and convenience

You can access to Easykon for KNX interface either pressing the button on the device or using the access code. Security remains as high as practicality.

Smart features, happy customers

Apple HomeKit, Google and Amazon Alexa with their Apps and their voice assistants multiply the potential of the Konnex standard.

Wake up!

From Google's Home App, it is possible to create fully customised automations (called routines), or sequences of actions that can be activated automatically or by a single command. One of the default automations is “Good morning” which activates the audio reproduction of weather, news and other content selected by the user.

With Easykon for KNX, the activation, shutdown or control of KNX devices on the system can also be added to this routine.

Add turning on the lights in the bathroom, opening the window coverings and managing the temperature in the various rooms. Waking up will be much better, you will gain time and you will start the day on the right foot.

A notification when needed

KNX water leak sensors can be very useful. And if they were able to report the leak to you automatically with a notification on your smartphone?

With Easykon for KNX and Apple HomeKit, you can add this functionality to your system simply by enabling the notification function directly from the Apple Home App interface. Don’t worry, your KNX system will autonomously alert you if there are any leaks, at any time and wherever you are.

A smart garden

Easykon for KNX can be useful in the garden as well as in the home. Having a smart KNX system can help you with plant maintenance and care.

Use generic KNX actuators together with Easykon and Amazon Alexa to check your irrigation system at any time.

Log in with the Amazon Alexa App or talk to your Amazon Echo to have complete control of your garden. Create a routine that is automatically activated to water your plants at the times and on the days you choose.


After a day's work, would you like to find the perfect temperature at home, the window covering up and the music of your favourite radio playing in the room?

With Easykon and the Apple Home App, you can create this scene, and have it start automatically when you are close to home so you can start your evenings in the best way every day.

Smart heating

With Easykon and Amazon Alexa, you manage your heating intelligently and save energy.

Create a routine in the Amazon Alexa App that turns heating on or off based on the status of the door and window contact sensors. Your system will know by itself how to adjust to give you optimal comfort without waste.