Working in Freedompro

Why you should consider joining us?


Not just an abstract concept but an actual way of working and managing the company that we use every day. In Freedompro procedures are fast and simple, they don’t slow down the activities but drive them to the best possible result.


Continue to improve, always looking for new solutions and constantly experimenting. This one is the air that you can breathe in our office, because innovation is not just a result, but an approach to everything we do.

The days are never the same

Our projects evolve constantly. In Freedompro we never get bored! We always have new ideas for products and updates and changing our plans doesn’t scare us, it rather makes our days even more interesting.

A team you can count on

Only discussing with each other the best ideas come up. In Freedompro we always confront and everyone of us can count on the others for feedbacks and support.

Join our team

Create the solution for the smart homes of the future

Send us your resume, we are always ready to meet people with passion for smart home and innovation.