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Freedompro Smart Ecosystem

The professional smart home solution

Making the house a real smart home often requires a considerable expenditure of time and resources. Freedompro Smart Modules are DIN rail modules family that offer a new opportunity to make your home smart with the best value for money on the market. After months of rigorous testing, in fact, Freedompro has launched a line of smart products to allow its customers to upgrade their home making it smart. It is a family of smart relays that includes 4 different products: Light, Shutter, Outlet and Switch. Freedompro smart modules are certified by the market leading platforms: Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. In addition, Freedompro modules are also compatible and certified by IFTTT and Home Assistant. With Freedompro Modules you will be able to connect, control and automate your home through voice control and through the application of the selected smart platform.

No need for masonry intervention

Smart home in 3, 2, 1...

Unrestricted set up

Modules are DIN rail devices which can be installed in power or junction boxes. They don’t require masonry work and are fully compatible with already existing switches.


Connect cables to pre-configured terminals and the home appliances suddenly become smart! Devices continue to work physically even with no internet connection.

Plug & forget

Once installed, Smart Pro Line modules disappear from sight, but turn home life around, without being noticed. Forget their existence and be ready to transform your home!

works with

All in one

Smart Pro Line modules offer up to 4 channels to make smart 4 different devices at the same time. More opportunities and more quality at the best price on the market.


Modules connect to WiFi network with no need for additional hubs to communicate to your home devices. Manage your appliances through manual, voice or app control.

Consumption control

Modules provide a power metering system through which it is possible to manage and control the consumption of the device connected to each channel.

Light up your daily life

Make them all smart

How many lights do you have in your home? Have you ever thought about making them smart all at once?

With just one Freedompro Light module you can transform up to 4 different lights.

Connect the module to your electrical system and you're ready to light up your home like never before.

Life's better at sunshine

Let's enjoy daylight

Are you tired of traumatic awakenings in the morning?

With the Shutter module your shutters can gradually rise in the sunshine thanks to an automation you can easily set up through the smart platforms’ apps.

And there’s more! The Shutter module provides an auto-calibration function that makes it possible to set the exact percentage of shutters’ opening and closing.

Stop wasting water

Let's take a rain check

Now you can say goodbye to wasting resources installing the most versatile smart module. This way, all your home’s switches will be smart and you can control them by voice or using your favorite app.

Did your sprinkler system turn on at 5pm as usual, even though it's been raining all day? Don’t worry: connect the Switch module to your home irrigation system and switch it off remotely via app.

The smart solution to save money

Power them off to save your wallet

Did you know that the fan and appliances plugged into the outlet consume energy even when they are turned off?

But how annoying is it to remember to unplug all the appliances every time?

By connecting your power sockets to the Freedompro module your outlets will become smart and you can power them off whenever you want, wherever you are.

Your wallet will thank you!

Manage your home with the leader smart platforms

Highest quality

Our new app

Through our free app, available for both iOS and Android, you can configure and control your Light devices in a few simple steps.

WiFi connected

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