Endless and powerful application integrations

The Easykon product family is compatible with IFTTT. Discover more than 600 services to create intelligent integration and automation applications that will make your home even smarter.

Create your Applets

Have fun automating your system

Connect Freedompro to IFTTT and use the accessories of your KNX system or BTicino MyHome to automate your home. For example, receive notifications when a sensor is triggered or control lights and shutters according to weather conditions. Integrate your systems securely and quickly with hundreds of connected products and services in the spectrum of IFTTT solutions.

Automate your home

Receive notifications, integrate services and much more

IFTTT is a service that allows you to create automations. This platform name is the acronym for “If This Then That” so it’s a tool that if something happens does something. IFTTT makes you create Applets choosing among many triggers, something that activates the automation and many actions, something that happens.

Are you a pro?

Automate your plants

With Easykon and IFTTT Pro, your plants become even smarter. Automate the management of accessories, create logical sequences that make their operation more efficient, integrate diverse plants - now the only limit is your imagination

A world of integrated systems

Add endless possibilities

With IFTTT you can integrate your system with numerous services. Expand the possibilities of your system, add functions, customize it and make it even more useful in your everyday life.

Recharge your floor cleaning robot when the door of your house is locked and there is no one at home.

Turn on the driveway lights when the pizza delivery is arriving.

Dim the lights when you start your start your relaxing playlist on your loudspeakers.

Open the window shutters of your bedroom when you have completed scheduled hours of sleep.

Choose from more than 600 services to create your own personalised automation sequences.