Amazon Alexa

Alexa home automation explained by Freedompro

What is Alexa?

Amazon Alexa is a cloud-based artificial intelligence available as a voice assistant and app. It is a software that is at the heart of Amazon Echo products and other smart devices made by Amazon. Alexa can be used to provide information, play video and audio, and control other devices and services, including those for the smart home.

Some of Alexa's functions are native, such as information on weather, traffic, or the request to play multimedia content, while other functions, those linked to external services, can be used after the activation of the relevant skill. Alexa skills are additional applications each dedicated to a different function. Alexa is a very versatile system that each user can customise as they wish. Everyone can activate the skills that best suit their daily life and turn Alexa into a personal assistant. The choice is very wide, as hundreds of skills are available for a wide range of functions, from productivity to news, communication to sports.

One of the most powerful features of Amazon Alexa, enabled by skills, is the routines creation. Instead of performing only one action for each voice command, it is possible to perform more than one at the same time and even automate them, i.e. activate them without any voice command but, for example, at a specific time. In particular, using Alexa routines in a domotic home has some interesting advantages such as the possibility to manage smart devices from different manufacturers from a single platform and to perform simultaneous actions on multiple objects and channels of multi-channel devices.

Amazon Alexa can be installed on smartphones, tablets and smart wearable devices, and is already present on Amazon-made smart products.

The Amazon Alexa application

You can use the Alexa app to configure devices with Alexa integrated, manage your devices, including those hooked up to Alexa via skills, play music, organise your day and use activated skills using the smartphone screen, in addition to voice commands.

How does Alexa work with smart home devices?

Alexa-certified smart home devices have a corresponding skill that needs to be activated in order to use the device. To do this, a link is created between the Amazon cloud and the device cloud. The two clouds will ensure that commands or requests made to Alexa are carried out by the device being used.

Remote control

Thanks to the cloud-to-cloud connection, Alexa enables remote management of connected devices without additional configuration or cost. Once a device is added to the Alexa app, it can be managed anytime, anywhere, via your smartphone or voice commands.

Alexa and Freedompro

Freedompro, has designed and produced a series of products certified by Amazon which are:Easykon for KNX,Easykon for MyHome, Easykon Lite for KNXandEasykon Lite for MyHome.

Easykon for MyHomeis a module designed and produced by Freedompro that allows you to control the BTicino MyHome SCS system with your smartphone using the Alexa App and to manage the devices installed on the system using voice commands. The quality and reliability of BTicino MyHome SCS systems, thanks to Easykon, are combined with the practicality and easy customization of Alexa.

Adding control with App and Alexa voice commands to your BTicino MyHome SCS system is quick and easy with Easykon for MyHome, because configuration is automatic. The Freedompro product, in fact, identifies and configures all compatible MyHome devices in the system by itself and in just a few minutes.

Easykon Lite for MyHomeis the software version of the previous product. It has to be installed on Raspberry Pi and allows to control the system with the App and the voice assistant Alexa. It is possible to configure up to 30 accessories of 11 different categories (lights, thermostats, doors, controlled sockets, etc.) within Easykon Lite for MyHome. Thanks to this product, the BTicino MyHome SCS system becomes smart without having to do any work on the system or have any programming knowledge. Would you like to try to control your home devices by talking to Alexa? DownloadEasykon Lite for MyHome,install it on Raspberry Pi and start the automatic configuration. You will have a 7-day free trial to use your smartphone and voice commands to manage your BTicino MyHome SCS system. And if you want to continue to do so after the free trial period? Don't worry, by purchasing the license at a cost of 69 Euro (plus VAT), you can continue to use Alexa every day.

Freedompro has also developedEasykon for KNX,which is a server, certified by Amazon, that upgrades Konnex systems and allows you to manage your home automation system with your smartphone via the Alexa app or with voice commands by speaking to the corresponding digital assistant.

Not only is the system simple and intuitive to use, but the configuration of Easykon for KNX is as well. The Freedompro product allows you to import the KNX system design created with the ETS software directly into the web interface and drag and drop the group addresses into the required parameters for mapping the accessories. This makes it even easier and faster to make the devices installed on the Konnex system available on the Alexa platform.

Easykon Lite for KNXis the software version produced by Freedompro dedicated to Konnex installations. It is installed on a Raspberry Pi and allows you to control up to 30 devices installed on the system with the App and the Alexa voice assistant.

Have you always wondered about making your KNX system smart and controlling it with your voice? DownloadEasykon Lite for KNXinstall it on your Raspberry Pi and map the accessories on your Konnex system. You'll get a 7-day free trial to use Alexa from your smartphone or with voice commands and control your home how and when you want. What if you never want to go back? Don't worry, you can continue to use Alexa every day by purchasing a license for 69 Euro (plus VAT).

Freedomproworks every day to improve its products and add new functionalities, that's why Easykons are constantly updated. The updates are automatic, so no effort is needed to download them and make them operational on your product. Once an Easykon is configured, you will be sure to always have the best and most up-to-date smart home technology at the service of your home.

Easykon family products are designed to be adapted to different systems, allowing many different categories of accessories to be mapped, from lights to sensors, from doors to scenes.

Once Easykon is paired with the Alexa platform, you will automatically be able to remotely control your KNX or BTicino MyHome SCS system. No additional modules, costs or configurations are required. The Freedompro Cloud and Amazon will ensure that users will be able to manage their system anytime, anywhere in a secure and reliable manner.