Apple HomeKit

Apple home automation described by Freedompro

Apple HomeKit is Apple's protocol for connecting different smart objects and devices based on iOS (iPhone and iPad) and MacOS (Mac computers).

How does it work?

On all iOS and MacOS systems there is a pre-installed app called "Home" which is the heart of Apple's HomeKit home automation ecosystem. The main features of Apple HomeKit are: the possibility to add new devices, control and connect them to each other and make the devices work together. For example, we can setup the "Good night" scenario. Saying "Goodnight" to Siri closes the shutters, lowers the radiators and turns off the lights. Thanks to the Apple "Home" app, all connected HomeKit accessories can be securely managed and made even smarter.

Are Apple HomeKit compatible accessories safe?

For Apple, security is crucial, and all Apple HomeKit-compatible accessories are tested before they are released on the market. Apple cares a lot about both the security and the privacy of its customers and therefore also provides home automation that is not connected to the internet or even to any cloud. In this way, user information is kept in the users' own LAN. How is this possible? Because when you pair Apple HomeKit to a compatible product, you don't go through any cloud, but thanks to the QR code (or paring code) there is a direct connection between the product and the Apple Home app. Through the LAN, however, without an internet connection, it is not possible to use all the functions with the Siri voice assistant.

If I want to monitor my home from a remote location, how do I do that with Apple?

As mentioned before, Apple does not connect to any external cloud. To set up remote control, you need to configure an Apple TV, iPad or HomePod as an Apple Home Hub. In this way, the connection of the whole infrastructure is always managed by Apple, which guarantees complete security and privacy.

How do I set up Apple HomeKit and how does it work?

The starting point is to download the "Home" app to your device if it is not already installed. The first step when adding an Apple Homekit compatible accessory is to check that it' s connected to the home Wi-Fi. Then just go into Apple's 'Home' app and add the required accessories. Once the devices have been identified, you will receive a request for the unique code, entered manually or via QR code, to confirm the addition of the product. After adding all the products, it will be essential to set them up by giving a whole series of information that will allow the house to be managed in the best possible way.

Why choose Apple HomeKit?

Apple HomeKit is the easiest and most practical tool for controlling all the smart devices of the home from a single platform and allows us to manage the interactions between ourselves and our environment through our smartphone and our voice.

What accessories are compatible with Apple HomeKit and are they available easily?

All Apple HomeKit certified accessories are tested and approved. You can identify certified products by the official "Works with Apple HomeKit" logo. The list of all compatible accessories with Apple HomeKit is very wide and constantly updated, but below you can find the macro categories of all compatible accessories.




Air conditioners





Garage doors

Electrical sockets

Air purifiers












Within the "bridge" section on Apple's website you can also find the two Freedompro products compatible with Apple HomeKit that are:Easykon for KNXandEasykon for MyHome.

Easykon for MyHome is a device designed and manufactured by Freedompro that allows you to control the BTicino MyHome SCS system with your smartphone through Apple Homekit and manage the accessories by talking to Siri. The quality and reliability of BTicino's MyHome SCS systems, thanks to Easykon, is combined with Apple. Easykon for MyHome is the only product for BTicino's MyHome SCS systems that is Apple HomeKit certified and allows you to use the devices in the system either through the official Apple "Home" app or by using your voice with the Siri voice assistant.

Freedompro has also developed Easykon for KNX, which is an Apple HomeKit-certified server that upgrades Konnex installations and allows the home automation system to be managed with Apple HomeKit or Siri apps. Thanks to Easykon for KNX the Konnex system can be managed wherever you are and whenever you want with your smartphone and voice.