BTicino MyHome SCS home automation system

How to control BTicino MyHome SCS home automation systems with Apple, Google, Amazon Alexa and IFTTT

What are BTicino MyHome SCS systems?

The MyHome SCS systems are home automation systems designed and manufactured by BTicino. The main feature of this type of system is the modularity, which allows you to choose the functions you need and, if necessary, expand them over time.

What can be done with BTicino MyHome SCS systems?

BTicino MyHome SCS systems can be used for a wide range of functions: lighting, automation, scenarios, burglar alarms, sound diffusion, energy management, temperature control and video entry systems.

BTicino MyHome SCS devices

The devices that make up BTicino's MyHome SCS systems can be divided into 3 functional systems that operate completely independently of each other:

Automation: devices used for advanced control of electrical installations (lighting, general loads, shutters).

Energy saving: devices that control the loads connected to the system.

Alarm: devices to protect people and property inside the building, including burglar alarm systems, but also sensors, such as those for gas leaks, smoke detection, etc.

BTicino MyHome SCS system configuration

During system configuration, an address is assigned to each device installed and the system's operating rules are created. System configuration procedures:

Physical: using physical configurators (numbered jumpers).

Virtual: using configuration software that communicates with the bus via an Ethernet gateway.

How can BTicino MyHome SCS systems be managed using Apps and voice assistants from Apple, Google, Amazon Alexa and IFTTT?

BTicino's MyHome SCS systems, thanks to their more than 20 years' presence on the market, are reliable and flexible. Now, due to Freedompro, they are also much more practical and easy to use. Thanks toEasykon for MyHomeandEasykon Lite for MyHomeit is possible to manage BTicino's MyHome SCS systems, both physically and virtually configured, with applications and voice assistants from Apple, Google, Amazon Alexa and IFTTT. With a single product, all compatible devices in the system will also be featured in the market-leading smart home platforms and can be managed with a few taps on the screen or with voice commands.

With Easykon, the BTicino MyHome SCS system becomes even more adaptable because it can be integrated with several IoT devices, without compromising or modifying the existing functions, but rather expanding them and opening up the system to many new possibilities.

Easykon for MyHomeallows you to manage the BTicino MyHome SCS home automation system locally and by remote using the Apple Home App, Google Home, Amazon Alexa or IFTTT or through the related voice assistants: Siri, Google Assistant and Alexa.

Freedompro has also created a Lite version of this product:Easykon Lite for MyHomeIt is a software to be installed on a Raspberry Pi device that allows you to add App and voice to the BTicino MyHome SCS system. It is possible totry the software free of charge for 7 days.downloading it from the Freedompro website and then purchase the licence for only 69 euros (excluding VAT) to continue using the product at the end of the trial period. The software is reliable, easy to install and configure and receives constant updates. Compared to the hardware version, the maximum number of configurable accessories is 30 and it is not compatible with Apple HomeKit.