Google Home and Google Assistant

Google Home automation explained by Freedompro

What is Google Assistant?

Google Assistant is Google's voice assistant that aims to make life easier for users in all the activities they do during the day. It can be used to request information, plan appointments and tasks, play multimedia content or to provide instructions to all devices that are compatible with this platform.

An important functionality of Google Assistant is the routines configuration and management. Thanks to these, Google Assistant can activate devices or perform different tasks together. You can schedule a routine by setting an alarm time, or start it at any time with a voice command. You can also configure Home and Away routines, which start when the first family member is back or when no one is at home, automatically.

Google Assistant also allows smart devices in a domestic environment to be shared with other users, so that several people can freely manage and control them.

Google Assistant can be downloaded on devices with the Android and iOS operating systems. As it is designed to facilitate users in their daily activities, it can be used by a large number of devices: smartphones, smart speakers, smartwatches, tablets, etc.

Google Home

Google Home is the visual version of the Google Assistant. The Google Home app allows you to set up and control Google Nest, Google Home, Chromecast and many compatible devices, including light bulbs, cameras, speakers, etc. all from one app. Devices added in the Google Home app can also be controlled by voice through Google Assistant.

How do Google Assistant and Google Home work for home automation?

Google's platforms need a cloud-to-cloud connection to work. This means that Google devices (or devices compatible with it) need to be added to the Google cloud and then to the cloud of the service you are using in order to function properly. The two clouds will ensure that commands or requests made to Google are executed by the paired device.

Remote device control

Thanks to the cloud-to-cloud connection, Google Home and Google Assistant allow remote management of the devices they are paired with immediately and without any configuration or additional cost. Once a device is added to the Google Home app, it can be managed at any time and from anywhere, either with a tap on the smartphone or by speaking to Google Assistant.

Google and Freedompro

Freedompro, has designed and produced a family of products certified by Google Assistant which are:Easykon for KNX,Easykon for MyHome, Easykon Lite for KNXandEasykon Lite for MyHome

Easykon for MyHome is a module designed and produced by Freedompro that allows you to control the BTicino MyHome SCS system with your smartphone through Google Home or by speaking with Google Assistant, managing for example lights, shutters or thermostats connected to the BTicino home automation system actuators.

Quality and reliability of BTicino's MyHome SCS systems, thanks to Easykon, are combined with the flexibility and artificial intelligence of Google.

Getting your BTicino MyHome SCS system smart with Easykon for MyHome is simple and fast because configuration is automatic. This module automatically identifies all compatible MyHome devices and makes them available in the Google Home application and can be controlled by Google Assistant in just a few minutes.

Easykon Lite for MyHome is the software version of the previous product. It is installed on a Raspberry Pi and allows to control the system with the App and the Google voice assistant. You can install up to 30 MyHome accessories on Easykon for MyHome and make them smart without having to do any work on the system and without any special programming skills. Do you want to try to control your home with Google? DownloadEasykon Lite for MyHome,install it on your Raspberry Pi and start the automatic configuration. You will have a 7-day free trial to use the Google Home app and the Google Assistant voice assistant to manage your BTicino MyHome SCS system. What if you can't do without it afterwards? Don't worry, by purchasing the licence for 69 euro, you can continue to use Google's platforms as you wish.

Freedompro has also developedEasykon for KNX,a server, certified by Google Assistant, which evolves Konnex systems and allows the home automation system to be managed with Google's smart home app or its voice assistant. Thanks to Easykon for KNX the Konnex system can be managed wherever you are and whenever you want with your smartphone and voice.

Freedompro has not only thought about the use of the system, but also about its configuration. That's why Easykon for KNX has a clear and intuitive interface for an easy configuration. This process is even easier thanks to the possibility of importing directly into the interface the KNX installation project created with the ETS software and of dragging the group addresses directly into the parameters used to map each accessory.

Easykon Lite for KNX is the software version of our product dedicated to Konnex installations. It is installed on a Raspberry Pi and allows you to control up to 30 devices installed on the system with the App and the Google voice assistant.Thanks to this product, you can make your KNX system smart without having to do any work on the installation or electrical wiring and without any special programming skills. Do you want to try to manage your system made with standard KNX modules with Google platforms? DownloadEasykon Lite for KNXfrom our website, install it on your Raspberry Pi and map the devices you want to control with your smartphone and your voice. You get a 7-day free trial to control your KNX home with Google Home and Google Assistant. What if you can't do without them afterwards? Don't worry, if you buy a license for 69 euro, you can continue to use Google's platforms as you wish.

All products of the Easykon family are continuously improved by Freedompro, which releases regular updates. These updates are automatic, so no action is needed to download them and make them working on your product. Once you have configured an Easykon you will be sure to always have the best and most up-to-date smart home technology at the service of your home.

These products are also designed to be very adaptable and flexible, allowing you to map many different categories of accessories, such as lights, thermostats, controlled sockets, sensors and many others to suit every type of system and customer need. Once Easykon has been paired with Google, it will also be possible to remotely control your BTicino MyHome SCS or KNX system. No additional modules, costs or configurations are required. The Freedompro Cloud and Google will ensure users can manage their system anytime, anywhere in a secure and reliable manner.