IFTTT: If This Then That

Make your home more connected: get notifications, integrate services and more

What is IFTTT?

The platform's name stands for "If This Then That", which literally means "If this happens, then do that". IFTTT is a platform that, by connecting different external services, allows us to automate our daily actions, from the easiest to the most complicated. It allows you to create Applets, which means combinations of events, where you can choose both triggers, i.e. what triggers the automation, and actions, i.e. the action that will be triggered. Basically, IFTTT helps apps and devices to work in synergy.

What can you do with IFTTT?

Each user can choose to create custom combinations or use an applet available within the IFTTT library. This is what makes IFTTT such an open and potentially infinite ecosystem. In fact, if you don't find the applet that meets your needs within the library of applets already created by other users, you can create more and allow others to use them if they have the same need.

How does IFTTT work?

It could be used either through the website or as an app. In both cases the interface is very simple and intuitive. As mentioned previously, it is possible to use an applet already created by others in the library, or to create one from the beginning. First case: once the applet to be used has been identified, just click "Turn on" and log in with your account to the two services involved. Second scenario: creating an applet from scratch. Go to the "My Applets" section, click on "New Applet" if you are on the desktop, and on "+" if you are in the app. The first thing to define is the trigger and therefore the "This".

Choose the service you want to use as a trigger and then the specific action that will trigger your automation. Then choose the "That" that is the event you want to activate. Also in this case, choose the service and action you need from those provided by IFTTT. Once everything is set up, the applet will appear in your personal list. One of the areas where IFTTT can make a difference is home automation, which is why Freedompro has created a family of fully compatible products.

Easykon for KNX,Easykon for MyHome,Easykon Lite for KNX andEasykon Lite for MyHomeare all compatible with IFTTT and allow you to create endless and powerful integrations through the Freedompro service.

Discover more than 600 services to create smart integrations and automations that will make your home even smarter. Enjoy automating your home automation system. Connect Freedompro to IFTTT and use the accessories of your KNX or BTicino MyHome SCS system to control your home, e.g. receive notifications when a sensor is triggered or control lights and shutters according to weather conditions. Create integrations quickly and securely with hundreds of IFTTT-related products and services.

Is IFTTT a paid service?

The IFTTT account is free of charge and you can use it to activate as many applets as you like and create up to three of your own. It is possible to increase the number of customized applets to more than 3 and create more elaborate logics with the IFTTT Pro pay account.

Are you a PRO? Automate your systems

With the products of the Easykon family and IFTTT Pro your installations become even more intelligent. Automate the management of accessories, create functions that make their operation more efficient, integrate different systems, the only limit now is your imagination. IFTTT allows you to integrate your Konnex or BTicino MyHome SCS system with several services. Increase the possibilities of your system, add functions, customize it and make it even more useful in your everyday life. Below are some examples of applets that IFTTT combined with Freedompro's products allows you to do.

Turns on the floor cleaning robot when the main door is locked and nobody is at home

Turn on the driveway light when your pizza is coming

Keep the lights down when you play your relaxing playlist from your speakers

Open the bedroom shutters when you have reached your target sleeping hours