Easykon for MyHome

Reliable systems from 20 years, now are smart too

Connect Apple HomeKit, Google and Amazon Alexa to BTicino MyHome systems. Compatible with all systems produced since 2000

499 €

VAT excluded

Universally compatible

Easykon for MyHome is compatible with all BTicino MyHome systems installed since 2000. Have you been waiting for years to control your MyHome system with your voice?

Now you can!

Plug & Play

Super simple installation. Connect the power supply and the Ethernet cable, and Easykon for MyHome automatically finds the BTicino gateway to connect to your system.

Compatible BTicino gateways: MH201, F454 and F459.

Immediately ready

Easykon for MyHome finds all devices present on the BTicino MyHome system and identifies them automatically. In about 30 seconds, all your devices will be ready to be controlled with the voice assistant or your preferred app.

Easykon for MyHome

Voice control meets automatic configuration

Easykon for MyHome is a DIN rail “Bridge” device for private use that connects BTicino MyHome systems with Apple HomeKit, Google and Amazon Alexa.

Easykon for MyHome is compatible with all MyHome systems produced since 2000. Combine over 20 years’ reliability from BTicino systems with the power and ease of use of the world’s best home control platforms.

Connect this device to the MyHome gateway, automatically find all compatible accessories and set them up in minutes.

Easykon for MyHome is a HomeKit, Google and Amazon Alexa certified product. It is generally installed in homes or buildings with an electrical system consisting of BTicino MyHome devices.

Wiring diagram

App and voice control bridge for MyHome

Easykon for MyHome

Compatible accessories

Made in Italy quality combined with the power of the most advanced control systems in the world.

Window covering
OK_Accessory light icon
OK_Accessory switch icon
OK_Accessory window covering icon
Window covering
OK_Accessory thermostat icon
OK_Accessory outlet icon

Your home at your command

Make Google do it

Just ask


We have 3

You are free to use one or more applications at the same time to control your home choosing between Apple Home, Google Home or Amazon Alexa. Take advantage of all the functions of these applications to customise control of your home in a simple and safe way.

OK_Home by Apple, Google Home by Google and Alexa by Amazon are all compatible with Easykon for KNX


We talk to everyone

Choose the voice assistant you prefer. Siri by Apple, Google Assistant by Google and Alexa by Amazon are all compatible with Easykon for MyHome. Speak naturally and your home accessories will execute your orders.

Freedompro Cloud

Safe and reliable. Always connected

Our cloud is a free service that groups your Freedompro products in one place, i.e. your profile. Pairing your Freedompro devices to the cloud ensures secure connections to the smart worlds of Google and Amazon Alexa. You will always be able to monitor the status of your devices from your profile. Share your products with those you wish, simply by sending an invitation from your dashboard.

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