[DEMO] Light 4C 5 A
[DEMO] Light 4C 5 A
[DEMO] Light 4C 5 A
[DEMO] Light 4C 5 A
[DEMO] Light 4C 5 A
[DEMO] Light 4C 5 A
[DEMO] Light 4C 5 A

[DEMO] Light 4C 5 A

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4 channels DIN rail module, Wi-Fi connected smart relay to control lights, provides energy metering

Light Module 4C 5 A is a professional 4 channels smart relay with Wi-Fi connection to control 4 lights at once. 2-DIN rail module mountable in power or junction box. Light Module makes home systems smart with remote control, voice commands, automations and energy metering. Advanced professional quality and fully compatible with all smart platforms.


- Compatibility tables
- Compatible accessories
- Max accessories: 30
- SD Card and Raspberry PI are not included in price

Main features

Why choose Easykon Lite for MyHome?

Easy to use


Stable and reliable


Quick configuration and installation




3 easy steps

Install the software on a Raspberry

Download and installation

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A product that is two times smart, both in the functions and in the configuration. My customers are more satisfied than ever and I am too.

Marco (Freedompro Partner)

Quick guide

Supported models

- Raspberry Pi 3 Model B
- Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+
- Raspberry Pi 4 Model B

To install the software, beside the Raspberry Pi device, you must have a micro SD card with at least 4 GB of storage. You will write Easykon Lite for MyHome file on it.


Once downloaded the software from Freedompro website, you have to write it on the micro SD card to make it readable and usable for the Raspberry Pi device. To do this operation you need a dedicated software.

We advise you to use Raspberry Pi imager



You can choose to access the interface in 2 ways:
- Mdns (Multicast dns)
- Via the IP address


License details

To use Easykon Lite for MyHome after the 7 free days, you have to buy a license.