Use cases

Easykon offers new possibilities and applications to every KNX system. Discover innovative and comfortable functions and be prepared to have more help in your daily life at home.

Here below you find some examples, but there are so many other uses!

The home wakes up with you!

Google offers some default routines to its users. Routines start a combination of activities with a single command or at a particular time. With Easykon it is possible to integrate this kind of functionality into your KNX system, simply by using your smartphone.

For example, with the Good morning routine it is possible to activate your alarm, hear the weather forecast or the news when you wake up. With Easykon you will add to your morning routine all your KNX accessories, like the heating, the window coverings or the lights. This way your home will wake up with you.

Be always warned in case of water leak

KNX water leak sensors are useful for keeping your home secure. With the combination of the KNX system with Easykon, they also become smart and they not only detect a leak but also they are able to notify the presence of a fault even if there is no one home.
Thanks to Apple Home, for example, it is possible to create an automation that notifies if a water leak is detected. This is an easy way to always know if there is any problem at your house. And if the notification becomes useless? Don’t you worry, modify or delete the automation is as simple as creating it.

A garden always green

Sprinklers are great for those who have a garden and want to keep it green and lush. Easykon, combined with your KNX system, makes your irrigation system smart and automated, simplifying lawn care.

Using the Google Home App, you can turn your sprinklers on or off at will, even when you are not at home. For example, when you are busy at work, you can manage the watering of your garden directly from the office. Or, you can quickly set up an automation and Google will take care of your lawn. It will be as if there is always someone looking after your garden.

A customised welcome at home for every member of the family

The accessories in your KNX system, such as lights, window coverings and thermostats, help to make your home more comfortable. Thanks to Easykon for KNX, systems evolve and become smart, so much that they will be able to recognise who is coming home and will welcome everyone in a customised way.

With the Apple Home App, every member of the family can create the ideal scene for their return home, personalising lights, window coverings and heating. With Apple and Easykon, your KNX system will recognise who is coming home and react appropriately. This function is reliable, completely automated and can be created, modified or deleted from every member of the family in a second.

Always the perfect temperature

KNX thermostats allows you to control the temperature in your house and set it to a level that suits you in every moment. Easykon makes this operation even easier and it can really help you save energy.

With the Alexa App, combined with the KNX thermostat and contact sensors, for example, you can create an automation that turns the heating off or down every time you open the doors or windows and turns it back on when you close them.

This way, your KNX system will automatically know if it is necessary to turn on or off the heating. You will always have the desired temperature in the house and you will save money on the heating bill because it will run just in the right moments.