The Freedompro integration is on Home Assistant

The Freedompro integration is on Home Assistant

Home Assistant is an open-source software, programmable and implementable by anyone, which allows all home automation devices to be controlled and automated from a single interface. The integrations include more than 1,800 different services and brands, and from now on, Freedompro Light accessories are also available on the platform.

Home Assistant can be installed on a Raspberry Pi device or alternatively on a PC running Windows, Apple MacOS or Linux. It is a totally free software; once you have added the Freedompro integration you can create scenarios and automations according to your needs.

With the first version of the integration, you will be able to control all your lighting devices via Home Assistant, and - as soon as the next update is available - you will have all the Freedompro devices at your disposal.

To access Home Assistant all you have to do is enter the API key you find on the Freedompro Cloud.

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