New feature available with Easykon for KNX update 3.0

New feature available with Easykon for KNX update 3.0

As of today a new feature is available on all Easykon for KNX: the integrated IP gateway, which will allow you to ease the installation and fully control your KNX installation.

This update allows you to use Easykon for KNX also as an IP gateway, saving on the purchase of any other IP gateway.

This is an important new feature for all our customers and installers, as it allows you to:

  • monitor the bus, keeping under control all the activities taking place on the installation

  • monitor the groups, to have a complete view of what is happening on the groups

  • program the entire KNX home automation system without the need for additional dedicated gateways

  • have up to 10 simultaneous connections

The feature has been tested and is compatible with ETS4, ETS5 and ETS6.

Furthermore, with the 3.0 update your Easykon for KNX will be faster and more stable, with a significant improvement in performance and the correction of minor bugs.

All our Easykon for KNX, including those already installed and operational, will automatically receive the free update today without service interruption and without the need for manual intervention on the device by the customer.

As usual, the Freedompro team is at your disposal to provide you with further information and technical support, through our Help Center and via a direct e-mail channel at

Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help you!

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