Smart technology in school

Smart technology in school

Why stop at just making the house smart? Every environment we live in can be transformed and made more comfortable, including schools. Today, on the occasion of World Education Day, we look specifically at the topic of home automation in schools.

Within a school building it is possible to implement a series of automations and scenarios that simplify the most mundane processes, making the environment more liveable for both teachers and students. In addition to the loss of time due to some slow and repetitive processes, schools often waste a lot of energy and consequently have higher energy bills, not to mention the damage to the environment that wasted energy inevitably causes.

Let's see in detail how a domotic school can really make a difference, both for students and teachers, through some examples:

  • Lighting
  • We can turn the lights on or off according to the presence sensors in the classrooms, corridors and bathrooms: in this way, energy savings are guaranteed, and you won't need to remember to turn off the lights every time you leave a room, domotics will take care of that!

    In addition, the lighting can be adjusted according to sunlight: good lighting is also important for better teaching, so you can use automation to automatically adjust the lights according to the light coming in from outside.

  • Security
  • Thanks to smart locks and remote access control, the school building will have maximum security. Even the alarm and video surveillance system can be managed in its entirety remotely, for greater peace of mind for the school manager and all those using the facility.

  • Heating and air conditioning
  • As with lighting, heating and air conditioning can be switched on and off based on the external environment, in particular the temperature. When classrooms are empty, occupancy sensors will know this and the heating will be switched off, saving energy and protecting the environment. But don't worry: even the air-conditioning system can be managed in its entirety remotely, so it will be possible to switch on the heating a few hours before the students arrive, for example, so that they find the classrooms already heated.

  • In the classroom
  • By automating hardware components in classrooms with an intuitive interface, teachers will be encouraged to use technology tools more frequently and easily. Just think of the interactive whiteboard - it is now in every classroom!

    All these tools and technologies can also be controlled thanks to Easykon, through the installation of a KNX or BTicino MyHome home automation system. It is possible to manage locks, air conditioners, lights, and much more, through the device designed by Freedompro: the school will never be the same again.

    Discover how to use Easykon in different environments and situations, for all your needs, click here!

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