Alexa, turn on the lights

Alexa, turn on the lights

Alexa in the smart home

Amazon Alexa, as everyone probably knows, is a smart platform that allows you to control your whole home with your voice or through the Alexa app. Simply connecting Alexa to Easykon for KNX or Easykon for MyHome, you will have every single accessory in your house at your disposal, and you are going to be able to manage them anytime and anywhere.

Thanks to Alexa, you can set up automations according to your needs and preferences, and these can involve any object connected to your KNX or BTicino MyHome home automation system. For example, you can turn on the lights with Alexa simply saying “Alexa, turn on the lights” talking to your Echo Dot device, or lower the shutters by pressing a button in the Alexa app. The setting up of automations also means that you can program certain actions to happen at a selected time or after a specific trigger.

Alexa automations

In order to manage your smart home even more automatically, Alexa provides the so-called Routines, generally defined as automations, through which you can have your devices perform several actions simultaneously, manage smart devices from different manufacturers in a single system, and perform actions based on events generated by devices such as smart buttons, motion sensors, contact sensors, or even geofencing.

All these possibilities make for an even smarter home, and if you think that Easykon can unite all the devices connected to your home automation system, it will be even easier to manage them, simply using the Freedompro Skill within the Alexa app. 

If we’re talking about a simple action, such as turning on the lights, we can manage its performance through different methods. Let’s see a few examples:

  • Say “Alexa, turn on the lights” to your Echo Dot; if the lights in your home automation system are connected to Easykon, and Alexa has the Freedompro Skill configured, the room where you are standing will light up
  • Press the button of the light you wish to turn on from the Alexa app. Having access to the whole automation system thanks to the Freedompro Skill, you will be able to do this even remotely (also if you’re not at home)
  • Create an automation based on times of day or specific events (sunrise, sunset, when your alarm goes off, etc.): you can set these conditions within the Alexa app, with a trigger, such as the time when the sun sets, and an action, in this case the turning on of the lights in predetermined rooms of the house (kitchen, living room, or wherever you choose)
  • Automate the action through geofencing: with location turned on on your phone, you can decide to turn on the lights as a sort of “welcome home”. What does this mean? Once you cross a certain border, which you set up, the lights will turn on automatically. All of this can be obtained with the Alexa app, once again, by simply creating an automation based on your location.

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