Professional smart home system

Build your smart home, module by module

Same house, new home

Designed to transform your home and make it smart, Freedompro Home Ecosystem modules are Wi-Fi connected smart relays that can control every traditional electrical system. That's the first professional line, with no need for masonry work or changing components either. It is fully compatible with your existing home appliances.

Home Power. Superpower.

Save energy, save money
Automate your habits
Talk with your home
Gain full remote control

To the Home Autopilot

Home is where people build their habits. Freedompro proposes a new vision, turning any home system into a real professional smart home. User is at the heart of the connected home and takes advantage of its superpowers. Designed to make the smart home accessible to all, Freedompro Home Ecosystem Modules offer users a brand new magical smart home automation experience. Your home knows you, let it serve you!

Freedompro, to the home autopilot.

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