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The home is the place where people spend most of their time and where daily habits become automatic. Freedompro aims to make your habits really automatic by radically changing the way you live in your shelter. Leveraging on the concept of well-living, Freedompro products give a boost to your home. Home sweet home, but smart!

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Smart Pro Light
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A product that changes your life. No more pressing buttons to raise/lower shutters

Diego | Freedompro customer

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Smart home? Well-living

The best solutions to make your home smart

Easykon is the bridge for the control of KNX or BTicino MyHome home automation systems, which adds voice commands, remote control via app and adds automation to your system making it compatible with the main smart platforms. The Smart Pro Line is the real turning point to make your home even better than home automation! The smart modules allow you to automate home devices such as lights, blinds, electrical outlets and switches, in short, everything you can think of to make your daily life easier.