Easykon for MyHome

Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, Alexa and IFTTT for MyHome SCS by BTicino

Use your voice or Apple, Google, Amazon Alexa and IFTTT official Apps to control the system, create powerful automations and scenes to get the most out of your MyHome SCS by BTicino home automation.

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Main features

Easykon for MyHome is the server that links all BTicino MyHome SCS systems, old or recent, with the best smart home platforms. The quality and reliability of BTicino MyHome SCS systems is combined with Apple HomeKit, Google Home, Amazon Alexa and IFTTT.

Easykon for MyHome enhances BTicino's MyHome SCS installations, can be added to or combined with existing modules without altering or modifying in any way the configuration and existing programmed functions of the home automation system.

Why choose Easykon for MyHome?

Apple HomeKit certified

It is the only product for BTicino MyHome SCS systems certified by Apple HomeKit that allows the use of the devices in the system both through the official Apple App, Home, and using the voice with the Siri voice assistant

IFTTT integration

It allows you to create automations and scenes between the BTicino MyHome SCS system and over 600 services also thanks to the integration with IFTTT

Compatibility for all systems

It can be installed on all types of BTicino MyHome SCS systems made both with physical configurators (old BTicino systems) and with ID components (BTicino systems made with the MyHOMEServer1 webserver)

Fast installation

It detects automatically all compatible BTicino MyHome SCS actuators in the system, making them immediately ready to be controlled with voice commands or through the official Apple, Google and Alexa home automation apps

Automatic recognition and configuration, simplicity guaranteed

Easykon is fast to install, does not require technical skills because the configuration is automatic, add it to your BTicino MyHome SCS home automation system by following these 3 simple steps.

Step 1


Connect the power supply, the LAN network and the compatibile Bticino gateway. 

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Step 2

Automatic configuration

Star the automatic configuration and customize the accessories of your plant. 

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Step 3


Pair the smart home platform that you prefer and manage your home with your smartphone or your voice.

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“A product that is two times smart, both in the functiontions and in the configuration. My customers are more satisfied than ever and I am too.”

Marco (Freedompro Partner)

Watch the power of Easykon for MyHome on BTicino MyHome SCS systems