Connect your home to the worlds of Apple HomeKit, Google and Amazon Alexa

We developed a series of products to connect the most popular electrical systems with the best smart home platforms. Renew the house technology and make it more updated than ever now, is not only possible, but also for everyone. Here below you find the details about this series of products, choose the one that suits better your home and if you have any doubt, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Easykon for KNX

  • Compatibility: KNX bus
  • Bus connection: KNX twisted pair
  • Configuration: web
  • Accessories categories: 15
  • Dimension: 2 DIN modules

(VAT and shipping costs excluded)

Easykon for MyHome

  • Compatibility: BTicino MyHome systems
  • Bus connection: through Bticino gateway
  • Configuration: web and automatic
  • Accessories categories: 5
  • Dimension: 2 DIN modules

(VAT and shipping costs excluded)

Starter pack Easykon for MyHome + MH201

Starter pack for local and remote control of the Legrand Bticino MyHome system with Apple, Google and Amazon Alexa Apps and voice assistants. The bundle contains a MH201 Bticino gateway and a Easykon for MyHome.


(VAT and shipping costs excluded)