Ready to shape your Smart Home?

Entirely designed and developed in Italy, Freedompro Smart Modules are made of top-quality materials. With high-level protection systems, they ensure ultimate reliability and safety for people and their homes.

Easy to set up

Electrical system doesn't change.

No changes to existing switches or devices. No need to re-wire or re-certify the electrical system. No structural or masonry work. Install Freedompro Smart Modules wherever you like and start enjoying your new smart home in no time!

Quality Matters

Works with all smart ecosystem.

Freedompro Smart Modules gained exclusive Matter certification to ensure seamless compatibility with all devices. Ultimate integration to make the smart home experience accessible.

Made in Italy

Adaptive safety, total reliability.

Freedompro Smart Modules have built-in overheating and overload protection systems. So you can install them even in rooms with the most harsh weather conditions, such as basements and crawlspaces.

Smart Modules Freedompro

The Smart Home. For all, at last.

Let's get out of the popular mindset that smart home is not for all because it's expensive. Freedompro Smart Modules transform your home into a jewel of high-tech comfort and innovationin 10 minutes. Forget having to pay an arm and a leg to get a home automation system!

Smart Light Modules

Your best choice for making lights smart.

The professional WiFi smart switches that make the entire electrical system smart. Designed and developed to operate on the traditional electrical system, smart lighting devices can be installed in the electrical panel, in junction boxes, or behind pushbuttons and switches.

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Smart Shutter Modules

Automating electric shutters and make them smart.

Designed to make any existing type of motorized roller shutter accessory smart, Shutter Modules automate your shutters and allow you to experience the comfort and convenience of a premium smart home based on your daily life. Install smart switches for automatic shutter control behind wall buttons, in junction boxes, or even in your electrical panel.

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Smart Outlet Modules

Beyond common smart plugs, automate power sockets.

Outlet modules are professional WiFi smart switches that act on the electrical system to make it smart. Designed and developed to be plugged and hidden behind walls, smart outlet and plug devices can be installed in the electrical panel, in junction boxes, or behind buttons and switches. This way you won't have to buy horrible extra smart outlets, your existing outlets will become smart!

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Smart Dry Contact Modules

The smart device to automate a wide range of appliances.

No additional costs, no need for costly masonry work, no waste of time. Use the Freedompro Dry Contact smart devices toautomate a wide range of appliances. Get smart control of entrance gate, garage door, tilting door, irrigation system, bathroom fan, and any other electrical appliances. Dry Contact Modules Mini provideadvanced smart home control. Retrofit smart devices can be installed behind every wall switch or power outlet in less than 5 minutes.

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Choose the Module that suits you best.

Three different installation types to seamlessly cover all user and market needs. Discover Freedompro Smart Modules and find the best connected device that fits you.

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