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WC0601-E | WiFi operating Smart Module to control 1 electrical shutter or blind. Installation behind buttons and switches.

WC0601-E | WiFi operating Smart Module to control 1 electrical shutter or blind. Installation behind buttons and switches.

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Shutter Module Mini WC0601-E WiFi operating smart device to make home shutters smart with remote control, voice commands, and automations. Providing automatic calibration and energy metering features. Matter certified and fully compatible with all smart platforms. Flush-mount box IoT device working on low voltage 110-240 V AC, 24-48 V DC.

Quality Matters.

All Smart Modules are Matter certified smart devices and compatible with all smart platforms such as Apple HomeKitGoogle AssistantAmazon AlexaFreedompro HomeIFTTTSmart Things and Home Assistant. Integrating best IoT technology devices with smart home control apps and voice assistants.

Just hook it up.

Smart Modules are pre-configured for lightning-fast installation. You don't have to make changes to the electrical system.

Safety and security.

Thanks to the overheating protection system, you can install Freedompro Smart Modules wherever you want.

With Freedompro you can!

Other smart devices don't allow you to control the power on remotely when the physical switch is turned off. Smart Modules do.

It's just that easy.

Freedompro Smart Modules have preconfigured inputs and outputs. They work with any type of device or physical control.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Michael S.
Works perfectly with Apple Home

I use 3 shutter modules integrated in Apple Home. It works perfectly. I connected the modules with both Apps, Apple Home and Freedompro. I needed Freedompro to modify some settings, but for daily operation I use Apple Home. At least to my experience I had to connect the module first to Apple Home. In Apple Home I could choose to connect it with another App. I did. it the other way around first, but could not found a way to Connect the module with another App. But anyway, now they are connected to both Apps. All is working as I expected it. I used the automatic calibration in Freedompro App. As a result it is possible to open the shutter also in Apple Home at a certain percentage

Daniel Meier
Good roller shutter relay with Matter support

I like the products. Full integrated to Apple Home with matter. Only the Freedompro app is a little bit buggy but is anyway not needed for daily use

Ivan Mirandolle
1st Matter solution for smart home shades and it's working well

I have 3 windows with Freedompro controls installed (5 more to go) and was positively surprised how well the process went. During my 2 weeks of experimenting, I've seen already the 1st useful app update differentiating between types of shutters.

So far, the Matter integration was also working as expected. I particularly like that they went the native way and consider the app "just another" Matter controller vs. what I have seen with other manufacturers that retain most of their proprietary set-up and communication approach without e.g. exposing an overview of registered fabrics. Hope the company keeps this up and looking forward to firmware updates as well.

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