Poseidwn Tech is a group of installers and online tech content creators, who have installed and tried our Easykon for KNX. Theodoros, a member of the team who has dealt with this project, has said he is enthusiastic about the results obtained with the Freedompro product, and has decided to show us the results of its installation in a video.

From the turning on of the lights through the voice assistant Siri, to the activation of the alarm through Home Assistant, to the creation of scenes and automations linked to external entities through IFTTT, Poseidwn Tech shows us some examples of how Easykon for KNX can be used practically, in daily life.

In the video you will see:

  • Easykon for KNX’s use examples

  • Installation

  • Configuration

  • Pairing with Apple HomeKit

  • Pairing with Amazon Alexa

  • Pairing with the Google Assistant

  • Integration with IFTTT

  • Integration with Home Assistant

  • Final feedback