Freedompro lights and Home Assistant: an automation for every need

Freedompro lights and Home Assistant: an automation for every need

Home Assistant is an open-source, free and extremely versatile platform for building your own personal home automation system. It is a software that can be installed on practically any computer (with Windows, macOS, Linux operating system) and micro-computer (e.g. Raspberry Pi).

The aim of Home Assistant is to standardise and harmonise the components of your home automation system, including Freedompro devices, to make them usable individually and as a whole. The platform offers an interface via web and mobile app that allows you to manage your home automation in the round.

The particularity of Home Assistant, as we have mentioned, is that it allows the integration of devices and entities of different brands and genres: once on Home Assistant, they can interact with each other to create different and original scenarios and automations, even if they are from different manufacturers.

About a month ago, Freedompro also arrived on Home Assistant: with our integration, all you have to do is register the devices connected to Easykon on the Freedompro Cloud, and they will automatically appear and be manageable via Home Assistant.

But let's see some examples of how Freedompro integration can make a difference in your smart home, thanks to Home Assistant.

  • Welcome home!

    You are coming home at night, it's dark outside and you always struggle to get your keys into the keyhole because you can't see? Freedompro and Home Assistant have the solution: turn on your driveway lights just before you arrive home! This automation can be managed by linking the switching on of the lights with the geolocation of your smartphone (which is likely to be with you at all times): when you are a certain distance from home (e.g. 200m), your driveway will light up and you will receive an even "warmer" welcome in your home.

  • The sun goes down and the house lights up

    With Home Assistant, it's very easy to create an automation that allows you to turn on the lights when the sun goes down. You no longer have to worry about finding yourself in the dark in your home without even knowing it. Simply combine the switching on of the desired lights with a clock that knows the time of sunset: simple, isn't it?

  • Just like being at the movies!

    One of the most classic automations could not be missing: soft lights to enjoy a good film, on TV, to make you feel like you're at the cinema. With Home Assistant and Freedompro, you can set a command to turn off the living room lights (or adjust their intensity) when the TV is on, and the same goes for when the TV is off, i.e. the lights will come back on at your preferred intensity.

  • Bedtime…

    You are going to bed and you realise that there are still lights on in your house, but you don't feel like going round the house to turn off all the switches? We'll take care of that for you: through automation, you can decide that - for example - after 11 p.m., if you don't leave the bedroom, all the lights in the rest of the house will automatically switch off after 5 minutes.

  • Night-time needs?

    How many times have you woken up in the middle of the night and needed to go to the bathroom? You've been groping your way through the various objects and furniture in the room, and down the corridor to the bathroom, so as not to have to turn on the annoying light... Well, Freedompro devices connected to Home Assistant offer a solution to this problem too. With a presence sensor placed in your room or in the hallway, you can set a soft or dimmed light to come on, allowing you to reach the bathroom without stumbling along the path or being blinded by the light.

These are just some of the automations available thanks to the integration of Freedompro on Home Assistant.

Discover all the other possibilities by downloading the integration!

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