2024 best Smart Home devices for comfort and innovation

Smart home 2024 good deeds: comfort and innovation with Freedompro

What better way to welcome the new year with a list of smart-home-themed resolutions for living the best in 2024?

Comfort, innovation and maximum integration are the keywords around which we have decided to develop our vision of smart home. A mission that will take time but will allow you to experience the full potential of your home, anytime and anywhere.

In this guide, we want to make you part of our journey, reveal our secrets, and take you with us in search of technological innovation and the future of living.

The future of the smart home: a fast-growing market

The smart home market is showing explosive growth in recent years, with millions of smart devices sold and trends predicting further and increasing development in the near future. From the smart management of all the objects in your home, to the automation of your daily routines, the idea of living in a smart home that perfectly fits your lifestyle simply becomes irresistible.

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The first complete smart home ecosystem: the year of Freedompro Modules

For this reason, we are working hard to anticipate the future by designing a complete line of products that make up the most comprehensive new smart ecosystem ever.

With devices designed and manufactured to cover every need, we are among the pioneers to embrace Matter certification for our smart devices, ensuring maximum interoperability with all other devices and appliances in the smart home park.

We are therefore excited to reveal that our new Matter-certified Smart Modules will soon be a reality.

Imagine a home that becomes smart without having to pull down walls or rewire the entire system. A smart home that is ready to use in 5 minutes, with no invasive masonry work, subscription id services and no labor costs. New Smart Modules make your home smart and connected, turning your electrical system into a smart home.

Choose the Smart Module that's right for you

Our mission is to make your life easier, and to do that we have also thought of three different installation methods. Smart Modules will be available in the Mini version, which are devices that can be installed behind pushbuttons and switches; and in the DIN junction box and switchboard versions, with special DIN rail attachment.

In addition, our design is also modern and renewed. Because although these products are intended to be bricked in, it doesn't mean your electrical system shouldn't like them.

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Universal integration and compatibility: voice commands, remote control, and automations

Voice commands? Absolutely. With Siri, Google and Alexa. Remote control? Absolutely. You can do it with Freedompro Home, Apple Home, Google Home, Alexa, IFTTT, Home Assistant, SmartThings and all Matter compatible smart home management apps. And it doesn't end there: you can create endless automations and incredible custom scenarios that transform your home into a technological and fully automated work of art based on your habits.

Control the power consumption of your devices

But it's not just about fun. With our Smart Modules, you can also measure and control the energy you consume. We're environmentally conscious too, you see. An incredible step forward in energy efficiency, Freedompro's Smart Modules allow you to measure and control the energy of every connected device. A conscious approach that makes your smart home environmentally sustainable as well.

Easykon: evolve the old KNX and BTicino MyHome home automation.

While you're waiting for all this, don't forget that Easykon is still available in our store. The first bridge-type smart device that connects the past to the future, evolving to old traditional KNX and BTicino MyHome home automation into a state-of-the-art smart home. Finally manage your home automation with Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, IFTTT and Home Assistant.

Have a seat, relax and prepare for the future. Your home is ready to go smart.

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