Automating habits: latest Freedompro update

Automating habits: latest Freedompro update

What if your daily habits were not only automatic, but also automated? Get ready to make your daily habits smart, start experience the future of comfort smart living.

Creating automations and scenes with Freedompro: your home, your rhythms

With the latest update of the Freedompro app, we're introducing Habits, allowing users to create smart routines that seamlessly integrate with their lifestyle.

Advanced control and total home management

Freedompro Habits revolutionize the way you interact with your smart devices. Imagine waking up to a perfectly lit room, your favorite music playing, and your coffee brewing, all without lifting a finger.

Effortlessly embrace our new Habits feature, and set up triggers or conditions that activate specific actions when met. It will make your daily routines really smart, based on your rituals and rhythms.

Unleash your creativity automating your morning routine, or enhance your productivity during working hours. Moreover, you can create a cozy ambiance to have relax in the evening.

Setup your triggers and conditions based on time, accessory, input or whatever you want... it's all on your needs.

Freedompro Habits: the only limit is your imagination

Our intuitive interface guides you through the creation process, ensuring best-known user experience. As we mentioned, you have just to simply define your conditions, such as the time of day, accessory status, waiting for something, and assign corresponding actions to be executed... possibilities are endless, the only limit is your imagination.

So what are you waiting for? Upgrade to the latest version of the Freedompro app and embrace the power of Habits. Simplify your life, streamline your routines, and enjoy the freedom to focus on what really matters.

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