Home Assistant and Google Home: your home can talk to you

Home Assistant and Google Home: your home can talk to you

The open-source Home Assistant software can be connected to Google's voice-activated assistant via the Home Assistant integration, which can create a series of automations and help you manage your smart home.

Let's take a closer look at the potential of this integration and how we can use Google Assistant in the home, combining it with the Home Assistant features. All of this, of course, with the support of Easykon for MyHome or Easykon for KNX.

How many times have you gone to the office and left your lunch at home, in the fridge or even on the table, before going out?

Imagine this scene: it is morning, and as usual you are getting ready to go to work. You go to the kitchen to have breakfast, and when you open the fridge, you hear a voice saying "Don't forget your lunch!": you retrieve your lunchbox from the fridge, and put it in your backpack on the way to the office.
The above voice obviously comes from Google's voice assistant; alternatively, you can trigger the voice alert when you're about to leave the house, to make sure you don't leave food on the table.

How was it possible to activate this action?

To install the Google integration on Home Assistant, go to the Configurations menu, proceed to the Integrations page and select 'Add Integration'; search among the available integrations for 'Google Cast' and click on Continue. You will now have Google entities available directly from the Home Assistant home page.

Simply create an automation by entering as a trigger the switching on of the kitchen lights (present in Home Assistant thanks to the Freedompro integration), between 7.00 and 8.00 a.m., and in response to this event the Google speaker will be activated and will say the words "Remember your lunch" when it notices that the room is lit.

You can give your automation a name, for example 'Remember my lunch', set it as a condition that it will only be activated on Monday to Friday - by sensors or by turning on the lights - and add the action as a TTS service. Choose the Google Home device that will say the message, write the sentence you want to hear and select the language of the voice assistant.

All this is made possible by Easykon's connection to Home Assistant, which allows the lights to appear in the interface and to trigger their switching on. With Easykon for MyHome and Easykon for KNX it is possible to create many scenarios similar to this one.

Simple, isn't it?
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