Easykon for MyHome and Easykon Lite for MyHome become compatible with many new BTicino gateways. Add control through Apple, Google, Amazon and IFTTT platforms to BTicino's MyHome SCS systems has never been so fast and easy.

Now it is possible to connect Easykon for MyHome and Easykon Lite for MyHome to MyHome SCS by BTicino systems through:

  • MH200
  • MH200N
  • MH201
  • MH202
  • MH4892
  • MH4892C
  • MH4893
  • MH4893C
  • F450
  • F453
  • F453AV
  • F454
  • F455
  • F458
  • F459
  • H/L4684
  • LN4980
  • MyHomeServer1

Thanks to this, every system that has at least one of these gateways installed, can become compatible with Home by Apple, Google Home, Alexa and IFTTT Apps and Siri, Google Assistant and Alexa digital assistants adding just Easykon for MyHome or Easykon Lite for MyHome to the plant.

Discover all the MyHome SCS by BTicino systems compatible with Easykon

With this update also the way you can connect the gateway changed. Now you can choose between:

  • OPEN password*
  • HMAC password*
  • Opening of the correct IP range

Once connected to the BTicino compatible gateway, Easykon for MyHome or Easykon Lite for MyHome configures automatically all the compatible BTicino accessories installed in the system: lights, window-coverings, outlets, doors, garage doors, windows, scenes, locks and gates. In a few minutes, any kind of MyHome system created from 2000 (even the ones with physical configurators) becomes manageable with Apple, Google and Amazon Apps and voice assistants and the accessories on the plant can be used in the IFTTT platform to create automations.

* To use the passwords, check that your Easykon for MyHome is updated at least to 1.2 version. If you need to update it, leave it connected to the internet network, in a few hours it will receive the update automatically and you will be able to use one of the 3 methods to connect it to the plant.