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New Freedompro Smart Ecosystem: home sweet home, but smart!

Making your home a real smart home often requires not only a considerable amount of time and resources, but also forces you to fill your home with a myriad of different smart devices. Most of the time, in fact, the automation systems available on the market, in addition to being very complex, are also very expensive and - sometimes - limited.

The new Freedompro Smart Ecosystem is based on the concept of "home sweet home" and it’s a new opportunity to make your home smart with the best value for money on the market.

In short, home sweet home, but smart!

After months of rigorous testing, Freedompro has released a new line of smart products to allow its customers to make their home even smarter than the home automation. It is a family of smart relays that includes 4 different products:

In detail, the Light module allows the user to control and make smart up to four bulbs per module via the Freedompro app, smart platforms or through voice control. The Shutter module, on the other hand, makes shutters, blinds (regular or awnings) or any window coverings smart. Moreover, not only does it allow you to control up to two shutters per module, but, thanks to the slider provided by the applications, you can also decide how and how much to open or close them. Through the installation and use of the Outlet module, you will be able to transform up to four sockets per module into a smart socket. This means that you can make smart all those appliances that work only by inserting the plug in the socket (for example, an electric heater). Not only that, with the Outlet module you can interrupt or allow the power supply of a selected outlet, making it - in effect - a controlled smart outlet. For example, you can decide that the outlet where your cell phone charger is connected stops supplying power when you unplug your device. And best of all, you don't have to buy and change the existing sockets in your house. With the new Freedompro branded smart socket you will turn all sockets in your house into smart sockets in just a few seconds.To conclude, we talk about Switch module in all those occasions that do not fall under the other modules. You can connect and make any switch smart through a simple WiFi connection. An example would be your driveway gate or the sprinklers on your irrigation system.

The new Smart Ecosystem modules from Freedompro are DIN rail modules, which means that they must be inserted into the electrical panel, but they can also be installed without any problems in junction boxes or roller shutter boxes, if there is no more space in the panel, depending on your needs. One of the main advantages of the new smart relays by Freedompro is that they use the WiFi connection to work and make the leap to your home. Because of this, they require neither invasive masonry work nor any programming knowledge to be installed.

You can install the new product line in just a few moments on any system. In fact, thanks to their plug & play feature, you only need to connect the module of the new Smart Ecosystem you are interested in to see it working.

Another very important feature is their retroactivity. This means that they are able to evolve any system, making it smart in a few simple steps. From today you can “smart” any environment you want, from the house to the cellar or even the chicken coop of your grandparents!

Making sure that users have a wide range of compatibility as quickly and easily as possible is very important to Freedompro. And this value is also reflected in the new smart line. In fact, the modules of the Smart Ecosystem are compatible with:

  • switches;
  • buttons;
  • sensors;
  • inverted sensors

Freedompro's new line has gone through endless hours of testing to gain certifications from the largest smart platforms and make access available to users with the most established smart platforms in existence for unparalleled home automation. 

In fact, the new smart relays are not only Apple HomeKit certified, but have also achieved certification from the other two leading smart platforms on the market - Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. In addition, the modules are also compatible and certified with IFTTT and Home Assistant.

In particular, the Apple HomeKit certification is a very interesting feature that is a really important element for all Freedompro products, which makes the smart home usable also by all users of the Apple ecosystem. The smart home devices branded Freedompro, unlike all competitors in the industry, boast Apple HomeKit certification among their main features. Beyond the difficulty of obtaining Apple HomeKit certification, the achievement of the badge of the Californian company is synonymous with quality, guarantee and security for all products or companies that obtain it.

Another interesting feature of the new Freedompro collection is the power metering system that each module has. With regard to the Light, Switch and Outlet modules, this metering system is precisely a measurement function that can calculate the consumption of the device concerned. 

The Shutter module, on the other hand, also has an auto-calibration system that allows the user to calculate to the thousandth the opening and closing time of the connected device. In this way, the user can decide and set, to the centimeter, how much and how to open or close the shutter connected to the module.

In conclusion, all the modules of the Smart Ecosystem have an auto-off function which is slightly different from the other smart relays. In fact, the user can decide to set the device to auto-off. In this way, for example, the lights in a room will turn off after a period of time predefined by the user.

Turning your home into a true smart home has never been easier!

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