smart home black friday freedompro

Freedompro Black Friday has just begun: discounts, but smart.

Freedompro Black Friday started, build your smart home by turning your system into a real smart one.

Take advantage of unmissable discounts and mind-boggling promotions with sales of up to 40% on all Freedompro Home Ecosystem products.

You will also have the opportunity to purchase ad hoc bundles tailored to your home, choosing from several packages that include one or more Light or Shutter modules.
Purchasing one product will entitle you to a 20% off discount, while a 25% discount will be applied with the purchase of two products.

However, buying a bundle you can get the stuff you need to turn your house into a real smart home at 40% off!

Maybe I shouldn't tell you this, but after last month's grand opening launch we are really left with very few pieces waiting for the restock scheduled in the coming months...

So... prices are very low, but availability is maybe even lower...

The only thing left is to wish you good luck, let the revolution begin!

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