Remote control: thermostat integration in the Freedompro app

Remote control: thermostat integration in the Freedompro app

Great news coming with the latest update to the Freedompro smart home control app.

After turning down the lights and making way for the dark mode released last week, our developers have just released the new version 1.2.5 from the mobile app.

Thanks to the very important feedback from the market, our expert team has completed the canonical bug fixes to continue to progressively improve the user experience for the user. In this regard, our UX/UI department has been trying to implement new details and make a graphical redesign in the same direction.

The major innovation in this update, however, is about the introduction of a new accessory. Finally, in fact, it will be possible to control the thermostat connected to Easykon.

The thermostat closes the circle opened by introducing the temperature sensors. Of course, thanks to an ever more optimized “Usage" section, it will be possible to monitor the energy consumption of all accessories, including the thermostat.

See you soon with more news!

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