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How is smart home market growing? Over 650 million boost in Italy

Smart home is a fast-growing market. Over the past year in Italy, about 75 percent of Italians said they were familiar with the topic and at least half have one or more smart objects in their homes. Sales of smart devices are especially concentrated on e-commerce, but the traditional supply chain is also catching up.

As previously announced, the world of the connected home is in great turmoil, especially in Italy. According to a study by the Internet of Things Observatory of the Politecnico di Milano, in 2021, the smart home market is worth 650 million euros, about 29 percent more than in 2020, before the pandemic.

A growth that would have seen an even more striking surge if the lack of raw materials had not affected its path. To make a point, we are talking about 75 million euros in lost sales.

This huge increase is actually happening all over the world, and Italy is still only a "newbie" in this world. United Kingdom and Germany still lead this kind of ranking with about 4 billion euros invested in the smart world

The smart home market and its devices is led, of course, by home appliances and smart speakers. Next come security solutions (such as burglar alarms and locks), boilers, thermostats and air conditioners, all the way to light bulbs and smart plugs.

IDC's (International Data Corporation) latest report shows exponential growth in sales of smart equipment and devices over the past year. Europe has 14.8 percent more smart devices shipped than in 2020, and - according to expert estimates - 2022 is surpassing this percentage. Sales are also growing in Asia (10.8 percent) and the Americas, 11.4 percent for the North and 11.2 percent for the South, respectively.

The benefits of living in a smart home, which is increasingly moving toward the well-being of the individual placed at the center of the entire ecosystem, are countless and varied. Starting with remote and voice control, all the way to increasing the value of the property and its achievement of a higher energy class.

Not only connected home in the narrow sense, The steady increase in the use of IoT devices is driving parallel growth in the desire to provide healthcare services in a smart home. According to the latest Research and Market report, the use of smart devices in the world of smart home healthcare will register a growth rate of 27.3 percent between 2022 and 2027

To meet the needs of the market, Freedompro has decided to broaden its horizons and embrace the concept of well-living that stands at the heart of the connected home. Freedompro sees it as very important to put the well-being of the human being at the center of its smart ecosystem, enabling it to manage it with comfort and constantly gain from it.

Freedompro Smart Ecosystem is the solution and consists of a range of smart DIN-rail relays that can be installed in the electrical panel or junction boxes. These are plug & forget modules that - as the words go - once installed disappear from the user's sight, making any kind of traditional system smart in a blink of an eye.

At the time of release, there will be 4 modules available in the market: Light, Outlet, Switch and Shutter. One of the main advantages of Freedompro new range of smart relays is that they use WiFi connection to operate, and therefore no wiring or invasive masonry work will be required.

To make the Smart Modules available for access and use to all those who would like to make their homes smart, the modules have spent hours of endless and rigorous testing to obtain certifications from all existing smart platforms. In fact, the new Smart Pro Line is certified by Apple HomeKit (a badge that is not so simple to obtain), Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa. In addition, the modules are also compatible and certified with IFTTT and Home Assistant.

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