Top 4 Smart Home Automations

Combining comfort and savings: top 4 smart home automations

Thanks to technological advances, smart home automation offers a wide range of benefits beyond simple convenience. From closing shutters at dusk to getting up with the sun, automations transform our homes into comfortable and personalized environments, simplifying our daily lives.

Automations and scenarios: how to improve the smart home experience

In this paper we'll explore the top 4 examples of smart home automation to better experience smart home comfort and improve quality of life.

Best smart home automations: closing shutters at dusk

By setting up automation, we may no longer have to worry about remembering to close the shutters when it gets dark. With custom time-based conditions, the shutters will automatically lower when the sun is setting. This feature not only helps us to keep the room temperature comfortable, reducing external heat entering during hot summer days; but it will perform one of the world's most tedious household tasks for us.
Moreover, by combining and integrating this automation with other devices, such as light control, you can create a perfect environment to enjoy a relaxing evening.

Smart home and automations: turn off all lights when you leave the house

Sometimes it may happen that we forget the house lights turned on when we leave the house. This is not only a waste of electricity but also, and more importantly, a significant expense. Smart home automation offers us the perfect solution. By programming a Habit with the Freedompro app, home lights will automatically turn off when we leave the house.
This way, we will not only save on energy costs, but also increase the security of our home. In fact, being able to simulate people's presence even when we are outside (by automatically turning lights off and on) can deter potential intruders. In addition, integration with voice assistants or mobile apps gives us total control over the lights wherever we are.

Habits and routines for the smart home: warming up the house before coming home

Coming home to a warm and cozy environment is a real pleasure, especially on cold winter days. With smart home automation, we can schedule the heating system to turn on automatically before we arrive. Using our smartphone or a programmed time, the system will detect when we are coming home and adjust the temperature so that we are in a cozy, warm environment. This not only provides us with ultimate comfort, but also saves energy by avoiding leaving the heating on unnecessarily when we are away from home for long periods.

Comfort and peace of mind: waking up naturally

The traditional alarm clock can be a rude and unwelcome experience. With smart home automation, shutters can be programmed to open gradually so we can wake up more softly and naturally. This way we could start the day with calm and peace of mind, improving our mood and preparing us for an energy-filled day. Integration with voice assistants gives us the flexibility to adjust the alarm clock according to our preferences, allowing us to personalize our awakening from day to day.

Freedompro Habits: automations and scenarios for the smart home

Smart home automations not only simplify our daily lives, but also allow us to save energy, increase security, and create an ideal environment for relaxation. As technology continues to develop, we can expect smart home automation to become increasingly advanced and integrated, providing us with an even more convenient and connected future.

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