Una nuova esperienza di controllo della casa smart: ecco Freedompro Home

New smart home control experience: introducing Freedompro Home

What do we want from a smart home? Of course, that it be actually smart. Adaptable to our daily needs, scalable to even dynamic lifestyles, making the most boring routines easy. And, most of all, readily manageable. In addition to helping us to save on bills and make everyday life more comfortable, smart home should be intuitive and user-friendly.

For these reasons, we revamped our app. Officially launched on April 17th, 2024, Freedompro Home not only allows you to manage all connected objects from a single interface, solving the annoying problem of switching apps, but also doing it quickly and easily, enjoying advanced additional features.

Freedompro Home: managing everything from one app, anywhere, anytime

As previously mentioned, the main advantage of Freedompro Home is that it provides the opportunity to manage and monitor objects connected to our devices using a single interface. Since both Smart Modules and Easykon directly operate on your home's electrical system, it will no longer be necessary to use products from multiple brands and their mobile apps. You will only need our app to control them all!

Making it even easier and more intuitive, you can pair devices in a few taps using the wizard and sort items by favorites, categories and rooms. You can also rename them according to your preferences, even defining areas such as "Living Room" and "Kitchen," or "Day" and "Night." Or even use group names such as "Lights" and "Shutters," which are very popular among Alexa users.


However, the super user-friendly interface is not the only thing you get with the new Freedompro Home app. You'll also be able to monitor the real-time energy consumption of your smart home and even that of each individual accessory (soon, you'll also be able to use this feature to trigger specific automations, but we're going to talk about that in another post), so you can always keep an eye on your utility bills. Or even turn off unnecessarily switched-on devices and make your home more sustainable and eco-friendly.

And then there are the Habits! Freedompro Home introduces a new concept of automation... even smarter, even easier to use, even better tailored to your needs.

Habits: shape your smart home to your habits!

With the Habits feature available on the Freedompro Home app, the smart home adapts to your daily routines or even improves them, helping you to save time on annoying tasks and making everyday life more comfortable and easier.

Thanks to a scalable and extremely powerful scenario engine, destined to integrate even more advanced automations soon, you can use the app both to change the status of your accessories (turning a light on and off, or raising and lowering shutters) and to create real "Habit chains".

For example, imagine setting up this Habit: Monday to Friday, at 7 a.m., shutters automatically lift and kitchen lights turn on. Here is your Habit number 1.
Then imagine creating a second one: when Habit 1 is completed, the coffee machine turns on and gets ready for your first espresso.

Not enough? Grandpa needs to get up at night to go to the bathroom. To avoid him stumbling around in the dark, you can create a simple Habit: every day from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m., when the abat-jour on the bedside table is turned on, the Event String provides that the hallway and bathroom lights will also be automatically turned on.

Still not sure? Your blind go down when you turn off the hall lights at 10 p.m. And since your baby can't fall asleep if it's completely dark in his room, his abat-jour will turn off automatically only after 15 minutes. Perfect timing to hear him snoring!

Puoi quindi non solo impostare Habits con eventi che si verificano tutti contemporaneamente, ma anche  posporre specifici eventi rispetto ad altri semplicemente aggiungendo un delay tra l’uno e l’altro. La sola discriminante per realizzare queste Habits è che tutti i dispositivi che ne fanno parte siano, ovviamente, collegati ai dispositivi Freedompro, siano essi Smart Modules Easykon.

So, as well as setting up Habits with running events all at once, you can also postpone specific events by simply adding a delay between them. The only requirement for setting up these Habits is that all involved devices must be connected to the Freedompro Modules (whether Smart Modules or Easykon).

Process is actually pretty easy. Select the elements that make up your Habit defining the desired event (i.e., the goal of your Habit, such as good morning, good night, or safe-grandpa). Once you have created the Event String, choose whether to trigger it manually or make it run automatically by adding the Starting Conditions (as explained earlier).
If you want to be even more sure that everything is working, you can even get a notification when Habit is executed!

Handy, easy, Freedompro: when do you start?

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