Make your BTicino MyHome home automation smart with Home Assistant

Control your MyHome system with Home Assistant

The open-source Home Assistant software is totally free and allows you to control and make your home automation devices smart. To date, numerous companies and manufacturers have provided more than 1800 services that can be easily controlled from a single graphic interface.

Many smart products on the market can set automations such as timers, schedules and scenes. But none of them can really respond to every situation. That's where Home Assistant comes in.

Home automation under control

Home Assistant: how does it work?

First of all you need to decide on which operating system you want to install Home Assistant. 

Once you have installed the Home Assistant software, you will have an interface (available in both app and browser) that can connect, automate and control your smart home in a few simple steps. In addition, Home Assistant also allows you to add several extra services such as weather and social media.

But there's more! Thanks to the auto-discovery function, the software will automatically detect all the components of your system and integrate them into your HUB.

At this point, the interface will show a series of objects with their status and associated properties.

What can you do with Home Assistant?

Not only automations that provide convenience and comfort, but also help those who have needs due to physical difficulties or limitations. Home Assistant, in fact, generates inclusiveness and helps those who are most in need to face and fight the most challenging situations.

Connect Easykon for MyHome to Home Assistant

Compatible accessories

Among the smart home devices certified by Home Assistant are two Freedompro branded products, including Easykon for MyHome. This is a BUS device that upgrades and evolves your MyHome installation and allows you to give it a new lease of life by controlling it via the Home Assistant app.

Moreover, Freedompro has released its full integration on Home Assistant, making all accessories available on the Freedompro Cloud.

- Light
- Thermostat
- Outlet
- Window covering
- Switch

- Fan
- Smoke sensor
- Contact sensor
- Occupancy sensor
- Light sensor

- Temperature sensor
- Humidity sensor
- Leak sensor
- Motion sensor
- Door

- Garage door
- Gate
- Lock
- Window

Want to know more?

More technical details

With Easykon for MyHome, you can make your MyHome system really smart even without programming knowledge. Take advantage of its automatic configuration and install Easykon for MyHome, you will have full control of your new smart home!


Go to the Home Assistant’s integration panel and search for Freedompro integration. Now, insert the API key and have fun!

Home Assistant is an open source software which could be installed on different kind of devices.

Easykon works through Freedompro Cloud's API, providing greater security, reliability and constant updates.