Make your BTicino MyHome home automation smart with IFTTT

Connect your BTicino MyHome system with IFTTT

By connecting the BTicino MyHome system with IFTTT you can make your home automation smarter creating powerful and interesting automations. Connect and use the accessories of your MyHome system with IFTTT to automate your home. For example, you can receive notifications or calls when a sensor is triggered; or you can control lights and shutters by weather.

Manage your applets with IFTTT

Control your MyHome system with IFTTT

The IFTTT technology, which stands for 'If This Then That', allows you to create various applets that enable you to automate your daily actions. In a very quick and intuitive way you can choose both triggers and actions, i.e. what triggers the automation and what action is triggered.

You can interact with IFTTT either through the application or from your browser using the simple and intuitive graphical interface. IFTTT not only allows you to use the predefined applets available on the platform, but also lets you create some on your own.

Create customized applets for every occasion

First define the trigger (this), i.e. the service or event that will trigger the automation. Then define the action that will occur (that), i.e. the service you need.

A complete list


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Here is the list of triggers you can set with IFTTT:

- Light
- Outlet
- Switch

- Fan
- Smoke sensor
- Contact sensor

- Occupancy sensor
- CO2 sensor
- Leak sensor

- Motion Sensor
- Lock

Below is the list of actions that will occur when the trigger is activated

- Open or close the garage door
- Activate a scene
- Turn on or off an outlet

- Open or close a door
- Open or close a window covering
- Change state of a lock

- Manage the thermostat temperature
- Open or close a gate
- Turn on or off the fan and control its rotation speed

- Turn on or off a switch
- Turn on or off a lightbulb and set its brightness, saturation and color
- Open or close a window

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More technical details

With Easykon for MyHome, you can make your BTicino MyHome system really smart even without programming knowledge. Take advantage of its automatic configuration and install Easykon for MyHome in just a few moments to turn your outdated BTicino MyHome system around and control it from your screen!

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You can enjoy a very wide list of triggers and actions.

Here you find the complete table.

With the free version of IFTTT you can use all the existing Applets and create up to 5 customized Applets. To increase the number of customized applets you will need to upgrade to the premium version: IFTTT Pro.

IFTTT is a platform that integrates a lot of services and companies. Among them is Freedompro!