How to pair a Freedompro device with the app

Freedompro app: innovation never stops

From the need to enhance the user experience and with the goal of improving performance in terms of time and speed, we developed a super easy pairing mode to better integrate Freedompro smart devices into our mobile app.

Let's start pairing

How to

Pair Easykon with the Freedompro app

With a step-by-step wizard, pairing Easykon for KNX and Easykon for MyHome connected bridges with the Freedompro smart home control app is really a breeze. In less than two minutes everything will be ready and you can integrate and setup your accessories into the app for a total home control experience.

Going into detail

Searching for the device

At first, press the "+" in the upper right corner to start the device search. The app will automatically detect devices connected to your home network, so select the device you want to pair.

How to

Pair Smart Modules with the Freedompro app

Pairing Wi-Fi smart switches for voice and remote control of lights and shutters with the Freedompro app is super easy. Created to offer the ultimate smart home control experience, Freedompro app has developed a super-simple pairing procedure. In a minute everything will be ready and you can control, manage and customize all your accessories.


Module in pairing mode

First of all, you have to activate the pairing mode by pressing 5 times with a sharp tool on the reset button on the front side of the module. Then, wait until the status LED turns flashing blue.

Smart devices successfully paired with Freedompro app

Now that you've paired your Freedompro smart devices with the mobile app, you can start experiencing control of your new smart home by taking full advantage of all the features, advantages and benefits made available by Freedompro.

Control all your home accessories wherever and whenever you want thanks to remote or local control directly on the Freedompro app.

Manage with voice control by talking to your favorite voice assistant, such as Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri directly from your Apple device.

Create and set automations and scenarios based on your habits by integrating Freedompro smart switches or bridges with all third-party IoT devices.

Monitor power consumption of your home accessories connected to Freedompro modules to get an overview of your energy usage data.

Power consumption monitoring

Freedompro app tracks the real-time power consumption of each accessory at any time to provide you with a full control experience so you can save money and reduce your environmental impact.