Control your smart home with Apple HomeKit

Freedompro smart switches work with apple homekit

Connect your home devices to Apple

Connect Freedompro WiFi smart modules to Apple HomeKit and start controlling your new smart home locally, remotely or by voice. Simply connect Apple HomeKit to your devices in a matter of moments, ask Siri to perform actions for you, and manage your accessories through local or remote control with the Home app through a compatible HomeKit hub.

Apple HomeKit: what can I do?

Control smart devices by voice with Siri

Use voice commands to ask Siri to do things for you. It's super easy: do it with your iPhone, your Apple Watch, or by asking the Homepod you use as a HomeKit hub.

Remote control, Home management

Connect Freedompro WiFi smart switches and control your home from the Home app: anytime, anywhere with local and remote control using Apple HomeKit.

Enhance daily life with automations

Freedompro smart relays work with Apple HomeKit: create and set automations or scenarios based on your habits to fully experience your professional smart home comfort.

Easy pairing: done in just a second

Open the Home app and scan the QR Code printed on your smart switches: it automatically recognizes the preconfigured accessory, so you can immediately control it.

how to pair freedompro wifi connected smart relay module with apple homekit

Easy pairing to Home

Featuring an extremely fast pairing procedure, it is very easy to start using a Freedompro Module. Follow the steps on the Freedompro app and complete the pairing process. Otherway, scan the QR code with your Apple device to pair the module to Apple HomeKit. 5 seconds to pair it, a lifetime to experience it.

A rock-solid partnership

Freedompro and Apple HomeKit

Freedompro smart devices are Apple HomeKit certified: integrate all the accessories you want to control and set up awesome automations and features like geofencing.

Voice commands with Siri and Apple Home for your home

"Hey Siri...

...roll the shutters down" lights on"

...I'm back home"

Apple Home mobile app to control smart home

Manage and control smart devices in virtual houses and rooms like you were at your real home, set your favorite accessories and create ad hoc scenes and automation based on your habits.

Your home, your habits.

Turn on the lights every sunset

Set up an automation to turn on house lights when there is no more natural light.

Good night, close all the shutters

Close all of your blinds and shutters before going to sleep without even getting out of bed.

Warm up the house before I come back

Set up a geofencing-based automation that turns on the heating when you're coming home.

Water the lawn if it doesn't rain

Don't waste, water your garden only when needed through weather-based automation.

Open the gate, I'm on my way home

Ask Siri to open the garage door for you when you're coming home, so you can not get out of the car.

Gradually raise the blinds at dawn

Set up an automation that gradually raises the blinds and shutters in the morning.

Turn on the fan, turn off the fan

Automatically turn the fan on or off depending on the temperature in the house.

Set the mood for a movie, full relax

Create an automation to best enjoy a relaxing evening on the couch watching a good movie.