Warranty Service

Welcome to the product warranty service

To provide assistance for products under warranty it is essential to carry out the steps below.

Access the link below marked "Request warranty service"

Make sure you are logged in to the freedompro.eu website with the account you used to make your purchase, in case you are not, it is essential to login

Fill in the form containing: type of product for which you need warranty service and enter the serial number.

What is the serial number: it is the unique identification code of the product, it consists of 8 characters and can be found with the wording SN - XXXXXXXXXX.

It can be found on the bottom of the product box, on the right side of the product and on the label inside the product packaging

Once you have filled in the form you will receive an email confirming that the warranty request is correct and the details about the following steps

Data backup

We recommend to make a full backup before sending the product. The repair may cause data loss. Freedompro S.r.l. declines any responsibility in case of loss of data.

Find out in our help centre how to make a backup.
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Package preparation and shipment

The choice of courier and shipping costs are the customer's responsibility. The package must be properly packed to avoid damage during transport.

The package should contain:

  • A printout of the email confirming acceptance of the package
  • The product in its original packaging