Best smart WiFi switches

Best smart home devices: compatibility with all switches and buttons

WiFi smart switches are crucial devices in the realization of a smart home: in order to choose the best wireless smart switches, one of the key elements is undoubtedly the compatibility.

But let's take a step back...

Make your home smart: smart WiFi switch Light and Shutter

Freedompro smart devices are designed and realized by keeping compatibility central. In fact, as mentioned above, the Light and Shutter modules are compatible with all types of existing lights and shutters or blinds on the market, as well as with all smart platforms for smart home control.

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However, compatibility is not just about end use with voice control, remote control, or automations. Nor can it be enclosed to the type of device connected to the output terminals of each module.

Compatibility with switches, buttons, sensors and wiring devices

In fact, for Freedompro, compatibility is a central issue in all its facets. For example, in connecting the input terminals during the installation phase. To sum up, it can be said that Freedompro devices are the best WiFi smart switches on the smart home market also and above all because they meet very high standards of compatibility with all types of physical controls and wiring devices that already exist inside homes.

Freedompro Light Module and Shutter Module devices are WiFi smart switches compatible with a wide range of existing physical control types, among them:

  • switch

  • touch-wall switch

  • pushbutton

  • diverters

  • inverters

  • sensor

  • inverted sensor

  • no physical command

Control smart devices even without physical commands

As you can see at the last line item in the bullet list just above, Freedompro smart devices don't necessarily require a physical command to operate.

In other words, you can keep being able to control lights and blinds connected to the output terminals without using switches, buttons or any other physical command even without connecting the input terminals. Moreover, another key point to consider is that the WiFi Light and Shutter smart switches are also compatible with all existing branded wiring devices.

What are you waiting for? Make your home a real professional smart home with no extra cost: shop now for WiFi smart switches to control lights and shutters!

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