Control your shutters with Google Home: the latest update

Control your shutters with Google Home: the latest update

The latest update of the Google Home app brings great news to the devices and will surely lead to a big upgrade in users' homes.

The update released a few days ago by the Californian company, has completely changed the user interface of the application. Users will now be able to take advantage of a much more dynamic and modern graphic interface, from which they can control the smart home devices in a few simple steps. 

Instead of icons representing the devices, the graphic interface now shows rectangular buttons with rounded edges showing the device name and icon. Not only a graphical update but also a "strategic" one for Google that, with this upgrade, reaches its goal of "discovering in a better way what happens in and around your home". In other words, the new face of Google Home decreases the steps the user has to take to manage his devices, helping him to quickly find and understand their status. This way, the user will not only be able to tap to turn the device on or off, but also dim the lights or change the volume of the music by swiping left or right on the button. 

But the good news doesn't end there, we can finally say it: Google has integrated the feature of adjusting the opening and closing of shutters even from the Home app interface. In fact, the biggest news due to this latest update concerns the shutters device that, until a few days ago, was missing on the phones of Google users. 

Thanks to the update, in fact, it will now be possible to manage the opening and closing of shutters, blinds or awnings through the Google Home app and not only with Google Assistant voice control.

The mechanism will be the same used for the other devices: a touch to open or close the device concerned and the scroll to establish the percentage of opening or closing.

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