Best devices to monitor energy consumption

Best devices to monitor energy consumption: Freedompro smart relays

Monitoring your home power consumption can be an important step in impacting remarkably significant issues in the current historical period.

Indeed, without a doubt, tracking home energy consumption represents a real opportunity to save money. In addition, monitoring power usage helps to greatly reduce environmental impact, taking on a "green" look that winks at the concept of sustainability and eco-friendly.

What are the benefits of monitoring home energy consumption?

Tracking home power consumption not only allows you to keep an eye on your electricity bill in real time, but also brings with it a whole range of advantages and benefits that greatly enhance your daily life.

Monitoring power consumption: why is it important?

There is no doubt that appliances and accessories at home start working every day (even several times a day). However, we all use different accessories without even thinking about their energy waste… just because of an habit or a need. In addition, it should be pointed out that the consumption of household appliances left on standby also impacts the bill, even if with a different hype. For example, status LEDs on televisions or consoles such as the PlayStation keep consuming power even when the device is turned off. The solution to overcome the problem of status LEDs could be to also completely turn off the power outlets to which the devices are connected, to shut off even the smallest supply of electricity.

Saving money with consumption monitoring

However, the energy expenditure of each accessory is not strictly related to one issue, but can be calculated according to the size of the appliance, time of use, and its energy class.

Knowing the energy consumption of these devices is a great way to save money on our utility bills. In fact, as mentioned above, one of the main advantages of being able to track energy use and consumption is precisely to find out which accessories consume the most in the home. This represents an awareness-raising process for the user who, by tracking usage data, can finally learn and realize how much electricity is impacting his or her wallet and daily life.

Energy consumption monitoring: against anomalies

Monitoring and tracking anomalies that might occur is another plus point of energy consumption monitoring. Monitoring the energy use and consumption of a device in real time or over a period of time means being constantly informed about the energy consumption of each appliance. For example, by monitoring power consumption in real time, you can discover any unforeseen malfunction in your oven, fridge (or any other high-consumption appliance) before you get the nasty shock on your utility bill.

Freedompro Smart Modules: smart relays tracking power consumption

It would be nice if you could monitor the energy consumption of home accessories in real time, wouldn't it? Freedompro modules are the solution.
Freedompro's line of smart relays is the first professional WiFi-connected device line that can turn any traditional electrical system into a real-life smart home.

With a built-in top-level energy metering function, it aims to offer an accurate calculation by which to constantly monitor in real time how much power each accessory in the home is consuming.

In order to track home consumption, it will be enough to install the Freedompro modules in your home's junction boxes and complete the pairing and setup procedure. After setup is complete, you only need to open the Freedompro app to finally view the instantaneous consumption of your accessories.

Freedompro app for local or remote smart home management offers a complete smart home control experience. To learn about all the features the Freedompro app provides, read the article on our blog or the more technical one on the Help Center.

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