Easykon integrates KNX accessories

Easykon integrates all KNX accessories

Do you dream of voice and remote control to manage your KNX home automation system? Easykon allows integration of all your accessories with the best smart home control apps!

Turn your KNX home automation home into a real smart home

Designed to enable connection and communication between your KNX home automation electrical system and smart platforms, Easykon for KNX is the best bridge-type smart device that evolves your home automation into a true 100% connected home.

Connecting and integrating KNX accessories

Featuring a wide range of more than 25 types of compatible accessories, Easykon for KNX makes integration one of its main strengths. In fact, the smart bridge for connecting smart platforms to KNX home automation is the connected device with the most types of integrable accessories.

Among the categories of accessories available for integration with KNX home automation are:

  • on/off accessories

  • value-based accessories

  • percentage accessories

  • sensors

Easykon for KNX: on/off accessory integration.

It refers to all those devices that can be turned on and off. These devices, also called Booleans, are controlled by binary signals (1 for on, 0 for off). These include:

  • lights

  • fans

  • power outlets

  • locks

  • scenes

Easykon for KNX: value-based accessory integration

They are devices that have a specific value that can be set and adjusted. These devices are controlled by analog signals that allow the value to vary between a specified minimum and maximum. They are value-based accessories:

  • thermostats

  • RGB lights

Easykon for KNX: percentage-based accessory integration

This category of accessories refers to all devices that can be adjusted according to the percentage of opening or closing. These devices are controlled by analog signals that allow the value to vary between 0% (fully closed or off) and 100% (fully open or on). Percentage accessories include:

  • such as roller shutters

  • blinds

  • blackout blinds

  • shutters

  • gates

  • motorized windows

  • doors

  • garage doors

  • fans

  • dimmable lights

  • HSV lights

  • light color temperature

Easykon for KNX: sensor integration

These are devices that can detect a specific physical parameter and are often used as a key element in the creation of automations. Sensors provide analog or digital signals that can be used to control other devices or to acquire data about the state of the surrounding environment. Sensor-type accessories that support KNX integration include:

  • light sensor

  • brightness sensor

  • CO2 sensor

  • contact sensor

  • smoke sensor

  • presence sensor

  • temperature sensor

  • humidity sensor

  • 2 byte humidity sensor

  • leak sensor

  • motion sensor

What are you waiting for. Discover Easykon for KNX to evolve your home automation system by integrating all supported accessories and enjoy an amazing smart home experience.

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